Lululemon Warehouse Sale

The Lululemon Warehouse Sale

I am a recent devotee of yoga and have been trying to downward dog for about six months now.  I am not a petite little bendable flower so the progress has been nothing if not slow.  I started doing yoga to increase my core strength and hopefully eliminate the occasional back pain that would knock me out for a week or two at a time.  I invested in a very expensive and over-sized mat from Manduka because at 6’6″ tall I had trouble staying within my normal mat boundaries and I have been extremely happy with that choice.  Being a new yogi has put me in touch with the yoga underground and I somehow found my way to a Facebook page dedicated to the Lululemon warehouse sale that was happening in Minneapolis at the convention center.  So it was with a little excitement that I woke up Friday morning and headed off towards downtown in search of a mat for my daughter and maybe a shirt for me.

I am cheap.  I admit it, I am cheap.  I went to the Lululemon sale simply because I wanted to save a few bucks on a high quality mat.  Mats that sell for $68.00 on their web site were going to be $27 at the warehouse sale.  When I was researching mats it came down to Lululemon and Manduka and I ended up with Manduka because they had a lifetime replacement guarantee and being my size I wear things out.  I know that Lululemon sells high-quality clothes so I was off in search of a XXL and tall shirt, if such a creature exists in the Lululemon universe.

Remember how I said I was cheap?  I drove to the convention center the week before in search of free parking.  It turns out there is a ton of free parking by the Minneapolis Convention Center, you simply have to park across the freeway from downtown and walk across the two bridges that frame the Convention Center on the East and West.  While there is indeed a ton of parking it turns out that spaces there are a hot commodity because of the apartments that permeate the neighborhood.  It was early when I got there, about 7:15 AM, so that meant that people who lived in that neighborhood took their cars and headed off to work.  I ended up finding a space two blocks from the Convention Center so life was great!

Lululemon Mania

I walked the two blocks and approached the Minneapolis Convention Center from the West Side.  I entered the building from a side door and found out that I was on the wrong side of the convention hall.  The Sports Show was happening that weekend as well and I ended up walking by a ton of boats and RVs that were there gleaming and taunting.  The convention center is big so it was a long walk to the other side and when I got there I was happy to see that the line did not appear to be too long.  Oh, how Lululemon tricked me on that one!  The line inside indeed was not bad, but what I did not see from my angle of attack was that the line ended at the door and continued outside the door.  I got through the doors and saw that the line snaked down the side of the building and that footprint is large, the line being over a block long at that point.  Alas.  I thought getting there an hour early would be good enough but I was mistaken.

The wait was torturous in so many ways for a guy like me.  The weather was great, so I had no complaints there, but about 90% of the people there were women.  They were lithe and athletic-looking women who looked like they could do any yoga pose without breaking a sweat.  I big guy like me stood out.  Which one was not like the others?  That would be me.  I stood about a foot taller than everyone else in line and I was about double their weight.  I would occasionally see another male soul who was there with his significant other, and I was flying solo.  It took forever, or so it seemed, to even make it inside the building, and once we passed through the doors we were confronted with a maze that took another hour to traverse.  I ended up spending about three hours in line and when I was near the front I ended up getting stopped right before I was to enter the main hall and look for my goodies.  Of course I was.

Lululemon Merchandise

When my time had come I had already seen all of the prices and knew what I wanted anyway.  Lululemon had set up everything by size and the women were like bees attacking their size section and pulling clothes off the racks like it was a Filene’s Basement bridal gown sale.  I did not see any clothes for men.  Since I could not see any men’s clothes I decided to look for a mat first.  There were not any normal mats.

I did see a Lululemon towel mat that was an odd combination of towel and yoga mat, but that did not interest me.  I saw a wispy woman carrying a mat so I asked her where she had found it.  She looked like a deer in the headlights and told me she found it on the floor and she ran away.  I circled the accessories twice looking for mats but I was out of luck.  They did have yoga straps and water bottles, but I did not need those items and even when clearanced, I could find both of those items cheaper at any athletic store in my neighborhood.

I then renewed my search for a top for me.  I am tall and do not have the typical yoga physic so I knew I needed a 2X shirt in a tall size if it existed.  I finally found two little racks of men’s shirts and they too were sorted by size.  I looked at the XXL shirts and had a good laugh because from the looks of the size of the shirt it looked as if it was made for an XXL child.  It ran a wee bit small.


I left Lululemon empty in hand and heart.  The line was as long as it was when I got there in the morning and over four hours had passed.  I went home with my dauber down and figured I would just go to Target to find my daughter a mat.  I went online and found two perfectly wonderful XXL tall shirts from Kohl’s so I am happy there too.

I will continue to do yoga and maybe one day too I will be stunning and lithe and look like I wear patchouli oils and sandals and eat tree bark.  I will be ready the next time Lululemon’s warehouse sale comes to town and I will find something to buy, especially if I have to weight four hours in line.  I will still stand a foot taller than most yogis but my heart will be pure and true, even if I am not wearing Lululemon’s fine quality attire.



The YMCA has been my home away from home lately.

Because I am in my diet and fitness mode I have been going crazy at the YMCA.  I go there each and every weekday, but I say this because I have only been doing this for two weeks so far.  But, a step is a step and progress is progress.  I think I wrote before that there is a weight loss contest going on and that helps me get up at 6:00 each morning to work out and try to lose weight.  I am motivated by 42″ LCD TVs.

I love the YMCA in the mornings.  When you go in the afternoon every machine is full and every inch of floor space seems to be taken up by a humanoid.  In the mornings you have mainly old people who do not work.  There are some housewives too, and they are always fun to see in the morning.  They are so damn cute in their workout outfits!  I see the ones that are serious about it because they tend to work out at amazing intensities.  It is so much fun to see them but ass.

Some things I do not like about the YMCA

I understand that you are retired and life is good and you have nothing but time on your hands.  This does not mean the rest of the world does not have their schedules to keep.  So when I go to the YMCA and see the old men sitting on the weight machines and talking smack with other older folks, it kind of puts me on edge.  I tell you what, you want to talk then I have no problem with that.  Simply get the fuck off the machines and let other people do their workouts and you talk your head off.

The next thing I hate at the YMCA is the people who do not clean off the machines when they are done using them and their DNA is spattered all over the damn place.  When you get off a machine and see a magnificent sweat stain on the workout bench, you may want to go get a towel and cleaner and clean the damn thing off.  No one, no even your wife, likes your sweat all over everything.  If you cannot clean up your sweat get the fuck out.

Naked men at the YMCA

You see them in all shapes and sizes.  Big and small, fat and tall, skinny and short, and balls that hang to the floor.  I saw a man bending over yesterday and his gut was prodigious, it was full and beefy and when he attempted to bend over it damn near was to his knees.  Unfortunately his balls hung lower than his gut.  It was an image that has been burned into my retina and I may never recover.  Even the gay group that sang about the YMCA, the Village People, they would not want to hang out there if they saw that sight.  Ick!

I love the men at the YMCA who go to the showers and leave the curtains open, buck ass naked, hanging their old and shriveled cocks out there for the world to see.  I am not sure if they are looking for a boyfriend or they just do not care anymore.  Please, for the love of God, close the curtains.  I do not want to see your wrinkly cock and I do not want to see your shriveled ass.  It does not do me any good.

You see all kinds of cocks at the YMCA.  You see men hung like horses and little wee men.  If I were gay it would be an ultimate fantasy to just be at the YMCA.  It would be like a buffet line!  I wonder if the women prance around the ladies locker rooms like the guys do?  I would love to be a bug on that wall.  There is nothing better than naked ladies.

Anyway, I am going to be off and I hope I keep up the hard work and the good work at the YMCA.

My Diet and Exercise routine

My diet and exercise routine continues on.

As I have written in a couple of past rants and raves, I am on a diet and I am trying to lose weight.  As anyone who has done this knows it is very hard to do and I think I figured out exactly why.  I have cracked the nut, so to speak.  Besides loving the taste of food and taking great satisfaction when I eat food, I think the habit of eating, the act of eating, gets ingrained in your psyche and thus you have to battle on a couple of different fronts.  Unlike giving up cigarettes, humans cannot give up food for we would die.  It is a simple equation.  We have to eat but we know we like to eat and because we like to eat we eat too much or we eat foods that are not very good for us but are good for the palette.

I broke down a few days ago and bought a bag of truffles.  They were white chocolate with chocolate chunks in them and when you ate them they melted in your mouth.  They are some of the best chocolates I have ever had in my life.  For $3.00 I bought a small bag of them, small being relative, but I ended up eating the entire bag on the way home from the store.  That is how binge eating works, although I rarely do the binge eating thing.

As you can imagine they tasted fantastic.  That afternoon I was on a sugar high like I haven’t had in ages.  I was full of energy and ready-to-go.  The unfortunate part came when the sugar high crashed and I felt out of sorts in the late afternoon.  That is what happens when you binge eat.  You get this fantastic high that fills every cell in your being and when the crash happens you end up feeling like shit.  Besides the way your body feels you have to deal with the mind and the mind can really mess with you.

The diet continues.

Not only does the diet continue but I am sticking to it fairly well.  I have also been getting out with the dog almost every day and when we walk it helps us both out.  I have also started going back to the YMCA, although it has only been a couple of days so far.

The great thing about the diet now is this: the YMCA is holding a contest to see who can lose the most weight, by percentage, for a six-week period.  It starts on Monday, January 16th.  They are giving the winner a 46″ HDTV and there is a $25 dollar fee to join the contest.  It is exactly the thing I needed to motivate me because I love to be motivated.

I am going to go to the YMCA for five days a week.  I have already decided.  I have been doing the elliptical trainers so far and I have also been lifting weights.  It usually takes me an hour and a half to do this in the morning and I go there when I drop my son off at school.  When I did this in the past I was able to stick with the YMCA for a couple of years.  Now when I add my diet to the mix I should start to really shed the weight.  I am hoping to lose about 7 pounds a week, or about 42 pounds total.  If I do this I will lose 15% of my body weight.  I am hoping this will be enough to win.  If not, I win the thing anyway because I will be very close to my fighting weight.

So the diet goes on.

I guess the best way to look at a diet as this: a change in eating habits.  That is it.  A diet is not punishment, a diet is not a prison, a diet is the key out of a prison of bad health.  I will be motivated like crazy for a new TV so that will help.  I have also decided long before the contest to lose weight so that is in my corner as well.  I know I will be going against a lot of other people in the hood but in the past I have always lost weight fast.  I think it has to do with being a guy.  I have a good metabolism once I get it tuned up.

So no more truffles for a long time.  They were too good.  I may order some Lifesavers online because I love the tropical fruit flavors and the whole roll is only 100 calories.  I can do that.  You have to find foods you enjoy on a diet and I enjoy that.

Updates on several things and the diet

The diet is not going great.

I do not know if it is because I am getting older and my body is slowing down or if it is because I am still eating a lot of bad food, or both.  I know that I do not feel lighter and I have not stepped on a scale in a long time.  I am eating better and I am exercising more, but the diet feels more daunting than ever.

I have been running four or five times a week with my son.  I love it.  We talk and chat and help push each other to get out the door and then once out the door we push each other to run further and harder.  This works well with the diet.  When we started running we could only go a half mile or less before we would walk and now that number is up to at least a mile.  We try to run a 2.5 mile loop and I am trying to talk him into doing a half marathon!  I am excited.  He is getting good and he inspires me.

I went out today by myself and had a very good run.  The dog was with, of course, and the weather was beautiful.  I had my wind, I had my legs, and I ran better than I have run in a long, long time.  When I got home I showered and then picked up my son from school.  When I got out of the car my leg buckled and I had immense pain shooting from my knee.  Tears came up in my eyes because of the pain.  I hope like hell it is going to be alright.

Thanksgiving and the diet.

We had Thanksgiving this year at our house and we had 30 people over.  We cooked two turkeys and three things of stuffing and 20 pounds of mashed potatoes.  Everyone else brought things to share.  It was a smash.  The food was great and the families all mingled.  We had a lot of turkey left over so I made stock the next day (thanks Jennifer!) and then we had turkey noodle soup that night.  It was the best soup I have ever made and it tasted great.

The diet was shot over Thanksgiving.  I did not eat breakfast but I ended up eating too much.  It is too hard to diet with all the comfort food around.  It seems that I like stuffing and I love macaroni and cheese.  I had to eat stuffing every day for lunch for the rest of the week and felt like a human garbage disposal.  Good times.  By the time the week was over the diet was over and it had to start again the next day.

Christmas and the diet.

Christmas should be better.  My sister is taking over the hosting of 30 people and I will not have any leftovers to shatter my diet.  I will not have a weeks worth of stuffing to eat and I will not have any macaroni and cheese left over.  It is going to be a great holiday.

I also have an appointment with the clinic tomorrow because I have had tinnitus in my ear for about a week and a persistent cough.  I hope things go well.  If my leg is shot it will be a good time to look at that too.  I do not hold out much hope for my doctor appointment because I have found if they do not specialize they seem to know little.  I will tell him about my diet and we will laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine, I have read, and a diet blown all to hell is pretty damn funny!

Running, Winter and Snow | goulash

Running, Winter and Snow Goulash

You know that time of month when you go to your fridge and you see about 20 different little containers that have a couple weeks worth of leftovers, so you throw it all into a pan and cook up a goulash surprise?  This is the blogging equivalent of that.  I am sitting at my computer and I am listening to a webinar and there are a few topics I would like to touch on today in this blog.  Thus, sit down for a big helping of goulash.

My son and I started running a couple of weeks ago and it has been going very well.  When we first started out we were dying by the half mile point, sucking wind and walking a lot.  We went out this morning and I was not having any issues at all with my wind.  I felt I could run five miles already.  Keep in mind I have run 5 different marathons in my life so it is not like I have not run before.  When you lay off for a while, like I did for the past year or so, then it is a terrible burden to come back from this.  The running part of this goulash is fascinating to me because I am amazed that it is like I am starting at square one.  Running with my son has been fun.  We talk and suck wind together.  We take turns holding the dog leash.  The dog has no issues with being off for that long and she is able to run at will and with no issues.  It is pretty amazing when she is about 80 in dog years.

We went out this morning and it was cool and clear.  The dog was excited, because she is always excited, and she helps get the moods up for our runs.  It is so much fun to see her enthusiasm every single day.  My son was dreading the run but if you have someone with you that prods and pokes you, you simply go out and do it to shut that person up and to just get it done.  So we ran our two miles this morning and it was a very good run.  I had my wind, I had leg strength, and I enjoyed running in the cold.

Snow Goulash.

It started to snow today about a half hour after my son and I got back from our run.  It is snowing as I write this about five hours later.  The snow is beautiful and it really cleans up the joint.  It is challenging to go out driving in this because people are so fucking stupid and they cannot remember how to drive in this stuff from last year.  I saw many tire tracks that went off the side of the road.  I saw an accident as a car slid into a sign in the median, but thank god this happened right in front of the cop shop so this person had some paperwork to fill out.  The truck in front of me was swerving all over the damn road, and my anti-lock brakes were on heightened activity today.  The driveway already has been packed down by the car because I have not shoveled yet.  I hope we get about six inches.  That’s what she said.

My daughter loves the snow too.  She sits in front of the picture window and looks out to the woods and watches the snow fall.  It is so serene.  It feels like you are in a Frank Capra movie or maybe you are living in a giant snow globe.  Isn’t this goulash amazing in that there is both chaos and contentment brought on by the same events.

Winter Goulash

With the snow comes winter and although I love the first snow I hate winter.   The days are brutally short and you never seem to be able to see daylight.  You get up before the sun and get out of work after it has set.  The air is cold and brutal.  Getting in your car makes you hate life itself.  Waiting for your car to warm up seems like you are waiting forever.  I hat shoveling the snow.  I hate moving snow around.  I do love running in the snow because there is no one else out running and it is so peaceful and quiet.  I usually run unless the temperature is below zero.  When the temperature is below zero life really kicks you in the testicles.

And then in the middle of it all there is Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I love the family, I love the presents, I love the music and egg nog.  Who the hell loves egg nog more than I do?  I love the nog that is rich and thick like mayonnaise and has a nutmeg taste to it.  I love having a glass a day throughout the season.  The best day of Winter is December 21st because by then you have turned a corner.  The days get longer, and you can see light at the end of the tunnel.

That is my goulash rant for the day.

The Diet Diaries

I am naming this blog the “Diet Diaries” because I have not

followed up on my post to eat better, exercise more, go to church, help old ladies across the street, and everything else that makes the world sunshine and lollipops.  It is amazing to me how the world is filled with good intentions but when the shit hits the fan people revert back to their old ways.  It is that way with diet for most people.  Your intentions are pure and god but when it comes to living it every day you fall back into the habits that got you there in the first place.

I am happy to say I am still doing the diet thing.  I have not stepped on a scale lately but I have done this.  My son and I have both started running together.  We have been going three or more times a week (we just went the last four days) and we are getting stronger and going longer.  I love it that my son runs with me now.  He is on a goal to lose weight and I think that he is going to make his goals.  I think if I can get him out the door with me on a regular basis then it will help both him and me stay motivated.  There is nothing better in the world than someone else pushing you to do better.

My dog has never been happier.  She is older now and sore some days, but when she sees us in our running clothes she jumps up and down like a puppy.  I tell her to stretch her hammies and she stretches out.  It is so cute.  When we run she goes at an easy trot, mocking us as we gasp for breath and beg for the sweet release of death.  She goes along our route smelling new smells, meeting new dogs and people, and happy with life.  The other day we saw a nice big buck burst through the woods and into the pasture across the street.

But the diet is the key, isn’t it?

Actually the diet is a key in this way.  Moderation.  When I love a food I tend to eat a lot of it which will shoot any diet all to hell.  I love to eat home made french fries.  I made killer fries.  When I make them I tend to indulge and swim in their salty goodness.  I am starting to make less of them so you get the taste and not the “I feel like a beached whale” feeling.  Of course on a diet you do not have fries every day, either.

I have decided too that I am going to start going to the Y in the winter to get me out of the house more.  I busting my ass at the YMCA and then treating my self to the hot tub when it is 10 below outside.  Nothing makes a lifestyle change work better than giving yourself massive rewards like a soak in the hot tub.

How will the diet affect Thanksgiving?

It will not.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of they year.  You get to see family and eat the best food in the world.  For one day you can kick the diet right in the arse and not worry about it.  I fill up on all the usual things but my family also makes killer mac and cheese that we have every holiday.  I get mashed potatoes, stuffing and mac and cheese and I throw it in a swimming pool of gravy.  Talk about a killer carb routine!  The tradition has continued because we have had mac and cheese as long as I remember.  I loved going to my grandpa’s house and the house would be so warm and full, and the smells would drive you to nirvana.  My grandpa was a great cook.  I used to dream of going over there on the holidays.

Christmas comes only a month after Thanksgiving and it too is a day that the diet goes to hell.  The whole holiday season is geared towards ruining a good diet.  I don’t care because I love it.  I love the radio stations that play all Christmas music and I love going to cut down the tree.  The diet is the last thing on my mind.  But, i am eating better, i am thinking about what I eat, and I am running again.  I think it would be safe to say that the diet and exercise are going well.

And so the diet goes

This is day three of my new diet and excercise routine

and when I stepped on the scale today I was down three pounds.  Now men can usually shit three pounds so I don’t really know if this is a thing to look proudly upon or an aberration.  I know that I have been very good in watching what I eat, limiting my sugar and carb intake, and I have been running as well.  I do not run every day but I run every other day and this morning was it.  So far the diet is going well.

My dog and I went for a run this morning and she did really well!  The first day out she was lagging and I thought it was either because she was old or she was affected by the Prednisone.  She dwaddled the first day and I felt like I was pulling her.  On my first day I did not run far enough or fast enough to have to drag her.  In fact, half the time I was walking and hoping like hell my lungs would not projectile vomit out of my system.

Today was cool and crisp and there was a light fog covering the land.  My dog did great.  She did not dwaddle once.  She was either ahead of me or even with me the whole run.  I did not run the entire length yet because I am still getting back in shape but I ran further and more often than I did the first day out.  We saw another dog so she was happy and I saw a couple of beautiful women so I was happy.  The day was cool and crisp and perfect for running.  There were places in the park that smelled like swamp gasses and it reminded me of running in Mexico.  Smells are so powerful.

My diet.

I have been eating better as well.  When you are fat and heavy you kid yourself that one ice cream cone is really not going to harm you much.  The problem is that you tell yourself this day after day and soon you have devoured a box of ice cream cones.  The brain plays tricks with itself even though it knows that you are simply lying to yourself.  The trick to this diet is to avoid sugars and carbs because carbs turn into sugars.  You tend to avoid processed foods and I think that is when this country was all fucked up.

This morning I had scrambled eggs with peppers and onions.  I also added a mound of cheese to it and some sausages.  All of these things have little or no sugar and there were no carbs.  For lunch yesterday I had chicken salad.  There are no carbs or sugars there either.  For dinner last night I had three hard shell tacos at Taco Bell.  You can go online to search The Belly Fat Cure Diet (buy the book to!) and he has things you can eat at fast food places.  Believe it or not Tacos have low carbs and no sugars.  When I snack I have a piece of cheese or some nuts.  I have been good so far.

Diet is a four letter word.

I think that is why most people fail at it.  If you eat shit and ice cream cones all the time that is your diet as well, but we don’t think of that as punishment.  I think your mind has to get around the diet being a punishment.  I believe, but yet to prove it to myself, that once your body gets used to not eating sugar all the time that I will eat an ice cream cone and it will not taste good to me or have a good effect on my body.

I used to drink a lot of diet soda.  A lot.  I used to drink at least a six pack a day and most days it was more than that.  I bought the 36 can cases at Costco and I bought them three at a time.  About two years ago I gave up soda.  I had a hell of a headache for a week but after that it was easy.  I know taste a soda and it does not taste good to me at all.  I think that counts as a victory.

So I know the diet will work and I know writing about it will help me.  I hope I don’t bore people too much or they may diet their blog readings.

The first day of the rest of my life or the new diet.

The new diet started today along with my new life style.

I know it is only day one but there has to be a specific line of demarkation.  Today is the day of the new diet and lifestyle change and if I write about it I am hoping it will help me stick to it.  Today also happened to be the first day of school so I set my alarm for 5:30 to ensure that my kids woke up on time for the start of their day.  This makes the first day on my diet easier to work with from an exercise standpoint because when I run I love to run in the morning.

So I got up this morning at 5:30 and made sure my daughter was awake.  She was.  I went downstairs and had my usual breakfast of an English muffin with peanut butter.  It is my usual so I did not notice any difference.  My son then got up at 6:00 and I took a bunch of pictures of the two of them in the same spot we take pictures every year.  They hate it and I love it and life is good.

The diet was off to a god start but what about the exercise?

I know, I promised to start running today as well.  I did manage to get my butt out the door by 7:30 and my dog and I went for a run for the first time in a couple of months.  It may be the end of my dogs running career because she is getting slow and drags me behind, and believe me I am slow.  I had to do the old walk and run routine because I am not in shape to run a marathon at this time.  I have run five marathons in my life but you would not know it to look at me.  I am fat right now.

Anyway, the temperature was in the high 50’s which is a perfect running atmosphere.  You can wear shorts and a long top and you do not get too hot or too cold.  You can see your breath when you start out but the sun soon starts working the magic and you do not notice it towards the end of the run.  I sweat even when it is cold out so I did sweat today.  I was able to run/walk the whole time and did about three miles.

I have to put diet in the headline for my SEO engine.

I also did something when I got home that I never do but I will start doing it today.  I got on the scale.  When you are heavy you lie to yourself all the time.  You tell yourself you look pretty good in the mirror and the pants still fit so there is no reason for the scale.  Well, I weighed 278 which is near my high.  I am a tall guy, 6’6″ and big-boned so I have always weighed more, but when I was running and in shape I was closer to 225.  I want to get there again which means 50 pounds to lose.  Alas.

So I am going to start looking at portion size and I am going to restrict carbs and sugars.  I am also going to run or walk every day.  I may start doing Shaun T, which my wife does.  It looks tough.  I am going to lose weight and look good.  That is the one good thing you can say about a diet.

The end of Summer the beginning of my new way of life

Changes I am making in my life.

I am putting this out in the universe because I think if I am held accountable (if only to the blog) then I will do better at what I am going to attempt to do.  Life is funny in that we get set in our ways and do the same routines over and over again even though we know that in the end the actions we do will harm us in some small or large ways.  Life is also a great in that you can make changes, you can change who you are, you can change the way you live your life.  That is what I am going to do here.

Life is all about choices.

We control a lot of things in our life.  We control how much TV we watch, how much we smoke, eat or drink.  We control when we sleep and when we awaken.  We control but we are not in control on a conscious level.  I think that by writing this it will help me see what I want to do and it will help me force to live in my way of thinking.  I am going to use my wife as an example of what I want to accomplish.

A while ago my wife went on the Belly Fat Cure diet.  The diet is amazing in how it changes her life.  She lost a ton of weight and she looks good.  She seems to have more energy and she does not like sugar much anymore.  We went to the fair ans she had more sugar there in the day than she had in the previous month combined and when we got home she had to go to bed for a while because she felt so sick.

The Belly Fat Cure diet is simple.  You do not count calories.  This is a bonus to me.  You do count the amount of sugar you put into your body and you also count the carbs you put in your body.  The carbs almost always turn into sugar immediately.  By weaning yourself off of sugar your body adapts and it runs more efficiently and you lose weight.  You also eat six times a day to keep your body fueled.  I am going to start on this diet and start staying away from processed foods.  My wife does not go in the pantry.  I will let myself eat all the vegetables and fruit that I want.  I will eat more salads.  Meat, cheeses, butter and natural fats are not an enemy to this life, they are a part of it.  I will stay away from the fat and carbs that Americans eat daily without thought or foresight.  It is all about life choices.

When life gives you lemons do not make lemon merengue pie.

I am also going to start running again.  I stopped running about six months ago and I have not been back since except for a occassional flirtation with it.  I need to run.  I felt better when I ran.  I was full of energy and life and I did not want to take naps in the afternoon.  When I get the sugars out of my life and out of my body I am sure it will feel like detox and my body will not like it very much.  I am tired of being fat and out of shape.

There was an article on Drew Carey in Runner’s World magazine this month.  On the back page they interview a celebrity runner.  This guy was fat.  He made major life changes and he looks good.  He said there is no magic pill, there is no easy way to get this done.  He changed the way he ate and he changed the way he exercised.  He made thoughtful and rational changes in his life.

I guess the bad news for you the reader is you will hear a lot about my diet and exercise goals.  The good thing for me is I will have plenty of material and I will make changes that will impact my life.  Hold on because it is going to be a fun autumn and winter.  I can’t help but get excite about this new life or lifestyle that awaits me.