People are really fucking stupid

People are Stupid

I have always held out hope that people would figure shit out, that they would come to their senses about the current class of Democrats and Republican.  I thought they would intuitively understand that voting for these morons is tantamount to killing off the United States of America.  Surely they would not fall for the canard called “social justice.”  Surely they would not want something like socialism or communism, would they?  Don’t people look around, know history and understand that these types of governments never work and never will work?  It is about control.  The political elite in this country have a perverse need to control your every action, deed and breath you take.  It is coming now faster than ever before and I have to come to the conclusion that people in this country are really fucking stupid.  Alas.

It pains me to say this.  I watch the interviews with the people on the street where 8 out of 10 people don’t know that the Fourth of July was a holiday that celebrated independence from the British.  They do not understand the ramifications of the civil war.  They vote for a President only because of the color of his skin.  You would not hire Our Dear Leader to run a lemonade stand and there he is, President of the country.  They fawn over socialism and communism because the political class offer them free homes, free food, free phones etc.  They are slaves, but not with whips and chains.  They do it because they are really fucking stupid and have not read or understood anything outside of high school.  I hate stupid people.

Stupid is as Stupid Does

What the hell does that even mean?  There has been a plan in place for a long time started by Woodrow Wilson, who was one of our Presidents, to make this nation a progressive nation.  That meant he had to make people stupid because smart people would never go along with something that has never worked in the history of the world.  So how does a good progressive go about doing this?  Take over education in this country and dumb down the population.  Look at an 8th grade test from the 1940’s and I bet only 1% of college graduates could pass that test today.

We as a country lack basic thinking skills.  Why?  There are no repercussions for bad decisions.  Didn’t graduate high school?  Doesn’t matter…you still deserve $15 an hour.  Can’t make change in your head for a dollar?  You should be the damn CEO.  We feed on stupidity.  We care about the Kardashians.  We no nothing of our Founding Fathers.  We feel outrage at symbols…flags and statues.  We celebrate thug black kids who get killed because of their abhorrent behavior.  We are stupid.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Why I Post Political things on Facebook

Political things on Facebook

A friend recently chastised me for posting political comments on Facebook saying that when I post things that I am not doing anything to change our political system. Unfortunately I did not have a ready comeback to his persistent question of what am I doing. I have thought about it and am posting this to everyone so at least you might understand where I am coming from.

I am a student of history. I read voraciously and understand that history repeats itself over and over and over again because people do not read or understand history, and people have not changed. We are programmed deep in our DNA to act and react and the predators who are our politicians (and many others) have figured out how to manipulate information and feelings in order that the people follow blindly their recipe to fix things.

Throughout history the first thing dictators do is shut down the press, and in this day and age the politicians have largely corrupted the main stream media so that they will never report the truth if it would hurt the Democratic party. Look at the incestuous relationship between the main stream media and the current administration. Hell, look at all the reporters either sleeping with or married to someone who has power over us mere sheeple. Here is one link:

Political things on Facebook and conflicts

When you have these types of conflicts how can you expect the main stream media to give you the truth? How can you expect a media who overwhelmingly give money to one political party to be unbiased in their reporting or even care that they do? It is the same now as it has been throughout history and this country is going down a dangerous path. Read how Hitler got into power. He created crisises that only he and he alone could fix if just given enough power. He used an economy that went into the toilet to get elected vowing his version of hope and change. He killed Jews and gays and Gypsies and any other undesirables because good people stood by and did not speak up for fear of being chastised.

Other dictators have done the same thing. They use actors and authors and popular culture to sway people that they alone can fix things. When they take over the country they end up killing these people first, then the college professors, and then anyone who dare speaks out against them or the tyranny. Read and understand history or we are doomed.

So what am I doing? I am posting stories that most people do not see on Facebook hoping that some will read them to see things from other perspectives. The active and loud voices of dissent are the only things that keep people from tyranny. I am posting stories that do not come from the government, frankly because every single thing the government has told me for the last six years or more have been lies. It is sad that I cannot believe one thing the government says. So I am posting in hopes that one story or two or more will be passed on and shared in hopes that others will read something and not get their news from John Stewart.

I also have worked for the Republican Party the last two election cycles and have been a delegate. It is not because I love the Republicans, in fact I loathe the leadership more than I can put into words. I go and become a delegate in hopes of getting Tea Party people nominated and elected because I know that under this current political climate both the Republicans and Democrats are corrupt and rotten to the core.

I am working to get a states convention going so we can change the constitution so that we can get term limits and other amendments added to the constitution. I am giving money to people who want the flat tax and who want to abolish the IRS. I am attending Tea Party meetings. I read. I send out stories on Facebook even though people hate political things because when the greatest country in the world collapses, and we will, people will wonder what they could have did and I want to be one of the minority that is shouting from the roof tops.

On a personal level we have a small supply of food storage items. We have cash on hand in case of disaster. If ebola hits and explodes like I believe it will, then I hope others are doing this too. I also give money and clothes to charity, I deliver meals on wheels and this year I am going out to ring a bell for the Salvation Army. I am the guy who buys Christmas wreaths from cub scouts and if a neighbor calls and needs a hand I will be there to help out. I am part of an exchange where people donate their talents for the use of other people’s talents.

That is what I do.

Abolish the IRS

It is time to abolish the IRS

It have been thinking about our government a lot lately and I think about all the corruption and graft that is occurring by both parties and I think almost all the corruption would simply disappear if we did one thing: abolish the IRS.  I am not saying that we should get rid of taxes and am not advocating overthrowing the government, but if we got rid of this agency and did something about term limits, I think a majority of the corruption would go away.

The dreaded IRS

The dreaded IRS

Why abolish the IRS?

Think of how politics works in this country.  Congress creates a tax code that is almost 74,000 pages long and no one on earth understands all the complexities contained within this code.  No one.  Not the people who wrote it, not the agency that is charged with enforcing it, not us poor serfs who have to adhere to it year after year.

Buried within this code are thousands upon thousands of loopholes that corporations use, and rich people use, to get out of paying taxes.  They get these loopholes inserted when they give money to members of congress to get these pigs elected.  The more loopholes that these swine invent, the more corruption and the more money they receive.  The process is cyclical and it keeps feeding on itself.  The only way to take this corruption and crony capitalism out of Washington is to cut off the head of the snake, and yes, I know I am mixing my metaphors.  That is why we should abolish the IRS.

If we abolish the IRS what would take its place?

A flat tax, 15% no loopholes and no write-offs.  I would make it so that even the poorest people in this country would have skin in the game and would have to pay something, even if it only $100.  Businesses would pay the same amount as a percentage and this would get our country in line with other countries like Canada, Russia and other modern countries.  These companies would in turn bring back money to the US, build more plants, hire more people and these people would pay more taxes.

Corporations really do not pay taxes anyway.  What they do is they past on the cost of whatever taxes are owed to the cost of their service or product.  The $500 iPhone has taxes that Apple has to pay tot he government.  Their profit is the difference between the cost of labor, materials and overhead, plus taxes and what you pay for the phone.  If we dropped the corporate income tax to 15% then the price of goods and services on almost every product would surely drop.  If we abolish the IRS and replace it with a unit that simply collects the 15%, ensures that all companies do pay their 15% and keep track of these filings over the year we could cut this government down to a manageable size.

After we abolish the IRS we would then replace the complex tax forms with a postcard.  We would get rid of having to buy software or hire someone to do our taxes, we would cut out an ungodly amount of man hours wasted on filling out these tax forms, and the power of the IRS could not be used to go after political foes or anyone else who disagrees with the government.

So how about it?  Let’s streamline this bad boy and simply abolish the IRS.  The money would dry up in Washington and favors could not be curried by bribes and donations.  Life would be very good!

Glenn Beck has become unhinged

Glenn Beck has become unhinged, and not in a good way

I have been a fan of Glenn Beck for years and years now.  I started watching him when he was on CNN and continued to listen and sometimes watch him now that he owns his own T.V. empire, The Blaze.  His radio show is sometimes brilliant, his predictions are uncanny, and sometimes the worst drivel on radio (i.e. More on {moron} Trivia…get it?).  I listened, and continue to listen, to Glenn Beck but something he said a couple of weeks ago leaves me thinking he is unhinged.

Last week Glenn Beck went off on the Nevada Rancher and the patriots that showed up to support him.  His name is Bundy and he has refused to pay grazing fees to the U.S. Government because he does not think they have the power or authority to collect this money.  The Bureau of Land Management, which seems to have it’s own standing army, showed up in full military regalia and took Bundy’s cattle and that is when the patriots showed up with their guns.  The standoff took a couple of days but in the end the government backed down, threatening to come back and enforce their arcane laws.  Meanwhile, Dingy Harry Reid has his son all tangled up in the government land grab in Nevada.

Glenn Beck basically told his listeners that he did not want them, did not need them, told them that they did not deserve to listen to him, if they were willing to use violence to enforce the constitution.  His logic seemed to be that there are laws and we should follow them, no matter how punitive and disingenuous the laws may be.  Glenn Beck cited Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Gandhi.  We are supposed to show up with flowers and love while every organization in the government is buying millions of rounds of ammo.  How much do you want to bet that all this ammo is being diverted to Homeland Security?  But I digress.

Glenn Beck tells us off

So Glenn Beck went off on his rampage.  He does not want us or need us or even want to be associated with those who think that the patriots that showed up with guns were right.  The Achilles heel of Glenn Beck is his unquenchable ego.  No one around him has the balls or temerity to tell him to dial it back, that he is not God, he is not the only human being on earth to speak to God, and he does not have all the answers.  Unfortunately, the butt-kissing sycophants that he surrounds himself with (why do I picture all of them telling him how great he is and feeding him grapes?).

A couple weeks before that there was a theory that one of the passengers on the missing Malaysian flight sent out a text on a iPhone that he had hidden in his rectum.  The web site that had this text said the flight was hijacked and taken to an abandoned airfield.  The argument holds some merit because it would explain why the pilots manually turned off the navigation and tracking systems, while a plunge into the ocean does not have the same clean logic.  Glenn Beck went on the radio the next day and ranted and raved how stupid we are for believing any of that (who the hell could fit a phone up their butt anyway?) and made fun of us in the same way he mocks the morons during his football picks segment.

The day before Glenn Beck told us how angels had come and spoke with his dad the day his dad passed away.  So if I have this straight we are supposed to believe that invisible fairies came and talked to his dad and showed Glenn Beck that God is alive and is speaking only to him, while we are not allowed to bring forth evidence on the location of a missing plane?  A plane that has been missing for over a month with no shot of ever finding it?  So his invisibly fairy theory is supposed to hold weight because Glenn knows there is a God and this God only speaks to Glenn, and the rest of us are idiots?

I am done with Glenn BEck

The latest rantings and ravings have me questioning Glenn Beck.  While I admire his uncanny ability to put a lot of little information to come up with the big picture, and I admire his finding out who is behind most of the claptrap put out by the Liberals, I am finding it harder and harder to listen to a guy who thinks he is Jesus Christ himself.  You see, when you listen to Glenn Beck you come away hearing how his way is always the best, how he and he alone hears God, that his dad out of all the dads on earth was the one to see the magic fairies, that his knowledge is beyond us mere mortal men, etc…while Beck goes on and on about that I will walk away from paying for any of the services he provides.  I will take his advice and not pay for The Blaze TV anymore (I used to subscribe and was going to start again because I think an independent voice is needed) and I will not buy any of the products he sponsors.

I will give all this up until I hear Glenn Beck admit he was wrong, which he rarely does, and tell the patriots that now is indeed the time to fight our tyrannical government.  It is time to draw a line in the sand.  It is time to quit taking it and taking it and taking it, and accepting our lot in life.  It is time to elect the Tea Party and dismantle the EPA and the Department of Education.  It is time to abolish the IRS and institute a flat tax.  It is time to cut the size of our government to nothing.  It is time to stop spending money like we can print it and get rid of baseline budgeting.  It is time.

Take me away from Glenn Beck

I am done with Glenn Beck

Mistress Rebecca

I meet Mistress Rebecca

I am a political animal and as so went off to our local Republican caucuses about a month ago.  My neighbor and I signed up to be delegates at the next level so that is where we found ourselves last Saturday on a very cold Minnesota winter morning.  The convention, is that the right word?, the convention started at 9:15 but my neighbor got a call from a man running for a United State Congressional seat asking if she would volunteer and being the good friend that she is, she dragged me along at the ungodly hour of 7:00 AM on that cold Saturday morning.

We made our way to the high school and parked the car and slipped into the relative comfort of a warm high school building.  There was already a lot of activity when we entered and immediately you could spot the politicians amongst us.  How is it that they always stand out from the crowd?  Our guy was not there of course, because he was running for a seat that had conventions state wide, but it was in this point that we got introduced to Mistress Rebecca.

Mistress Rebecca looked like a sexualized fantasy of a dominatrix/librarian.  She was young, maybe in her twenties, and she whore a tight skirt that rode up mid-thigh as well as come fuck me boots that rose just below her knees.  She also had tortoise shell glasses and long brown hair and when she found us she was a stern mistress.  She gave us our orders, we were to do such mundane tasks as hanging signs, setting up tables, handing out literature, and handing out stickers.  She had an authority beyond her young years but right in line with the dominatrix theme she was rocking.

Mistress Rebecca and my neighbor

My neighbor was a little afraid of Mistress Rebecca.  She told me that she scared her.  Mistress Rebecca also had my attention in a kind of sexual/dominating way.  Why the politicians around us glad-handed people and made themselves known, Mistress Rebecca worked in the background, coming up behind us to let us know if we were not handing out stickers correctly (I was not…one is supposed to peel off the stickers and slap them on a shirt or coat.  I did my best to not get arrested for touching the female delegates).  We would be doing our assigned tasks and she would be there.  She commanded a team of four, us and two young kids, and we imagined she had a briefcase in back filled with ball gags and whips and chains and a little leather as well.

Mistress Rebeca was a kind Mistress because she handed out compliments as well.  She would tease you with her words and then give you a little smile.  After we were done handing out stickers and setting up tables, we as delegates were required to sit through eight hours of politics.  During this time Mistress Rebecca had us hand out more literature when it came time to vote for delegates going to the next level.  The Republicans, and I assume the Democrats, have a lot of get togethers before the actual nomination of candidates takes place.  We dutifully obeyed Mistress Rebecca and before we knew it our afternoon was over, we were tired and happy to be leaving.

Saying goodbye to our Mistress Rebecca.

We did not get to say goodbye to Mistress Rebecca.  At the end of the very long eight hour day (you try to stay awake listening to different candidates drone on about the same things in front of a couple hundred adoring fans) our candidate made an appearance.  After he was done speaking, Mistress Rebecca brought him over to meet us.  He was a decent and good guy, and I could tell that Mistress Rebecca was pleased with us.  She smiled and we were filled with her love and devotions.

Aside from Mistress Rebecca I have one other comment that I will expound upon in a later posting.  The Republican party and the candidates love to wrap themselves around God.  They all mentioned their diligent church attendance (I think they are there more than the pastors or priests) and they all mentioned family.  Guns came in third.  I am very pro second amendment but I am a Tea Party guy more than anything else.  I feel like the Republicans need to keep God out of the elections and this is coming from a guy who is a church going man as well.  It gets old.  And we know you love your family and puppies and orphans.  I get that.  What I don’t understand is why you do not want to dismantle the government and cut it down to size.  You would win by a landslide if you did that.

Mistress Rebecca would.  She knows exactly what we need.

The Global Warming Hoax

The hoax that is global warming

It is warm outside.  Global warming.  It is freezing outside.  Global warming.  Hurricanes were predicted to be at an all-time high the past couple of years because of global warming.  Hurricanes were historically low the past few years and this was caused by global warming.  Torrential rains are caused by global warming.  Extremely dry conditions are caused by global warming.

What does the preceding paragraph say?  Every single prediction made about what would happen to the weather because of global warming have been wrong.  The main university studying the phenomenon were caught lying and fudging the data in order to prove their point.  They rely on government grants and tax money to fund their research and governments demand more tax money so that they can save us from global warming the the cycle feeds upon itself.

Global warming is nothing more than a tax grab

What other science claims that a theory is proved no matter what the outcome?  I cannot think of a single one.   Science theory is usually based on the assumption that one action will cause a specific reaction.  Smoking does not both cure lung cancer and cause it.  There is cause and effect.  This is not the case with global warming because no matter what the weather the “scientists” will claim that the cause for that weather was global warming.

Except now it is not called global warming because even the dumbest among us realized that 25 below zero is not indicative of a planet heating up beyond control.  It is now called “climate change” because word matter and the words climate change can mean anything in regards to the weather.

Climate change is nothing more that the biggest lie ever perpetuated upon the world in order that our political leaders and government can take more of our money in taxes in order that they may save the planet from destruction.  This brings to mind a couple of questions, the first being that if the government cannot do even the simplest things correctly like build a simple web site, can they indeed save the planet?  Isn’t it the pinnacle of hubris to suggest that human beings can save anything as massive and impressive as a planet?  The planet does not give a rats ass if we are on it or not and if every single human being died tomorrow it would not know it or care about it.

Climate change is nothing but a bad religion.  You are supposed to believe in light of every single scientific reading and facts contradict your theory.  You are supposed to take a leap of faith;  who are you going to believe, the scientists that scream this is happening or your own lying eyes?

The problem is that because of this scientific scam people are dying and economies are being choked off.  Google to find out how many people are dying each year in Great Britain because they cannot afford the astronomical costs of heat there and contrary to what the prognosticators told us, it is still cold in the winter and people tend to die in the cold.  I would be willing to venture a guess that more people die from the cold that from the heat, but what does it matter if we are saving planet earth?

This administration is attacking coal power plants and anything that is built to create energy that does not have a windmill turbine attached to it.  This means that our energy prices are going to skyrocket and people will die because of this insanity.  It means that states will have regular and reoccurring power outages and black outs.  Creating new and reliable energy sources have allowed the average person in this country to lead a more comfortable life that the richest kings lived only 200 years ago.  We eat cheaper and better (if we want to), we have indoor heat and air conditioning, we have indoor plumbing and hot showers and toilets, and most people do not have to work and toil and struggle to get these fantastic things into our houses.

Quit falling for the fallacy that is global warming or climate change.  We cannot change the weather to any significance and we certainly cannot fix it if it is broken, especially with the Chinese pumping out more pollution than we can even dream.  We can build all the windmills we want but our economy will suffer like Spain’s and Germany.  The Germans have at least acknowledged the errors of their ways and are backing off the clean energy surge.  There is not enough sun in the winter in the northern US to power a lamp, let alone an entire house.  You cannot store any extra energy created by a windmill, plus you kill off hundreds of bird when you build one.  The only clean energy that is truly at our fingertips is nuclear but the environmental nut jobs have got in the way of building newer and safer plants in over 40 years.

The Great Carbon Emissions Scam

The EPA and Carbon Emissions

This past Friday the administration released the news that the EPA would be imposing very expensive mandates that will force coal fired power plants to capture the carbon emissions emitted and bury them back in the ground.  This technology is not perfected yet, who the hell really knows if it works, and the result of this action is that your electricity prices are going to skyrocket.  It is funny how important news that will drastically affect your life is always released late Friday afternoons, isn’t it?

The great thing about the US trying to curb carbon emissions is that we think we can control the weather.  We think we can control the forces of the earth.  We pretend that what were are doing will have any affect on carbon in the atmosphere, at least that is what our leaders want us to believe.  I think, though, that the thinking by our leaders is far more nefarious in that they want to collect the taxes, control our lives even more, and get more and more people dependent on government to help pay their electric bills that will skyrocket.  It is the action of deeply physiologically scarred individuals that want to foist this crap upon us and it is time that we as Americans fight back.

Carbon Emissions throughout the world

The same day the news leaked that the EPA would be punishing the American public, it came out the Germany and Australia are backing away from carbon emissions taxes and their efforts to cut carbon in the atmosphere.  See the article here.  The reasons are self-evident.  The taxes do not decrease carbon in the air and energy prices have soared under this scam.  The policies inflicted on their people made it so that Germany and Australia suddenly cannot compete business-wise with these feel-good taxes.  Unemployment in Germany shot up 10% after these taxes were implemented.  That means in that we here in the U.S. will suffer the same fate when these rules are enforced.

In Germany the green energy initiative has resulted in over 300,000 homes having their electricity cut off because they cannot afford it anymore.  Think about that.  People in Germany cannot pay for their electricity because their leaders, the brightest of the bright, decided that everything they produce in the way of electricity should be “green.”  Never has a greater scam been perpetuated on the world than “global warming” and more importantly, all the money our leaders are going to take from us in an effort to combat it.  And they KNOW they are lying to us.  And they KNOW that global warming is a hoax.  And they know that anything we do will have no affect on the earth.  Yet we keep tilting at windmills.

Why should be surprised?  This president, Our Dear Leader, told us up front that our energy prices would necessarily skyrocket if these carbon emissions schemes were put in place.  He told us that companies would go broke if they built coal energy plants.  We know is is a communist and he wants to destroy this country and the wealth in this country.  Except when it comes to him.  He will get rich as hell off of any scam perpetuated upon us.

Carbon Emissions problems

You know what the biggest problem is with any carbon emissions scam?  We do not exist in a bubble.  The world is round.  China is on the other side of the world and they probably have 50 cities of significant size and each one is more polluted than the other, and we want to pretend like this will only affect them.  I had a friend who just spent a couple of months in China and she said that the capital was the most polluted place she had ever seen.  You could see the soot hang heavy in the air.  Everyone wore masks, and there were all kinds of alerts and warnings being screamed out to the masses.  For any carbon emission scam in the world to work, we would at least have to get every single country in the world to have the same standards, and honestly, that would most likely have no affect either.  Alas.

What to do?  Let’s elect leaders who will eliminate the EPA.  I am tired of their 12,000 new regulations since Our Dear Leader took office.  We did not elect a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats who put in rules so they can justify their own jobs, to control our lives.  We do not need a government employee looking over our shoulder to control every aspect of our lives.  The President’s wife wants to control what food you put in your body.  Think about that for one minute.  How sad is that?

There is no such thing as global warming, the carbon emissions scams are coming at us at a brutal pace, and we are so overwhelmed with misinformation and there are so may major things coming at us on late Friday afternoons, that we have to put an end to these morons that we elect to run our country.  It is time to get rid of big government, it is time to get rid of the EPA, it is time to get rid of the money spent to investigate, i.e. guessing, what the weather will be like in the future.  It is time to take back our country from these pathological idiots.

The Newsroom is garbage.

The Newsroom is garbage.

I have watched The Newsroom on HBO since it’s inception and I have come to the conclusion that it is garbage.  It is well-written garbage with snappy dialogue and some interesting characters, but the premise of the show is thin and after a while it gets tiresome watching them bash every Republican on the show while felating the President and Democrats.  The Newsroom is written and produced by Aaron Sorkin, who created and wrote the TV series The West Wing as well as the movies The Social Network and A Few Good Men.  He has a lot of talent.

Now in my political leanings I have been called to the right of Attila the Hun.  I tend to want very limited government and I want to get rid of the political elite who simply love running every aspect of our lives.  Aaron, if I may call him that, Aaron seems to believe that big government is the answer to all our problems and if we simply give them more, more, more, the within months we will be living in Utopia.  So why do I watch the show?  I watch it for the same reason I watch NBC and CNN, to see what the other side is up to.  Besides, like I said previously, The Newsroom is written by a guy who is a very good writer.  Politically is where we part ways.

The Newsroom opening credits, first and second season

The Newsroom’s opening (for season one) shows a bunch of images meant to illicit feeling that the people who work in this fictional newsroom care.  They care about the truth, they care about getting stories correct, they care about big government.  What is in these little vignettes to show their feelings?  First there is the haunting piano music meant to add gravitas to the photos you are about to see.  Next comes a picture of a satellite orbiting earth and photos of Newsrooms past (think Walter Cronkite).  Next they show actual photos of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, the CBS newsroom, David Brinkley,  and then the stars of the actual show.

The Newsroom shows these images being shown on an old TV set where you can see the horizontal lines.  The pictures of the stars of the show are shown in the same manner letting you know that this newsroom is steeped in tradition the same as the old-time news shows.  That is the opening for season one.

Season two tosses out all those old images and they are replaced by the new, modern caring images.  It opens with images of New York City, skyscrapers, a woman holding a coffee cup (coffee seems to represent some sort of intelligence and gravitas;  see my brilliant take on coffee drinking here), a bridge, a train (God how the left love choo-choo trains!  See my article on trains here!), and then shots of the Newsroom.  These shots include clocks representing different time zones, someone speed reading and highlighting The New York Times, because The New York Times is the news, fires and explosions, someone watching the fires and explosions, someone using a Blackberry (who besides President Obama even uses a Blackberry anymore?), coffee again, this time it is spilling over some paperwork, computers and keyboards, and finally several different shots of the Newsroom, the equipment, the people in it, and a lot of monitors.  It is all style at this point, but that is the same of any TV show these days.

The Newsroom characters etc.

Next come the characters in The Newsroom.  The first thing you notice is that everyone is young.  Everyone, that is, except for Jeff Daniels who plays the main anchor, Sam Waterston who plays the news division president, and Emily Mortimer who plays the producer of the fictional ACN newscast.  To complicate matters, Mortimer’s character used to date Daniels’ character and now they are thrust together producing a nightly news show.  Everyone else in the show appears to be twenty-something and all of them appear to be brilliant, hard working, dedicated, and searching for the truth.

Jeff Daniels’ character is the token Republican.  I say token Republican because the words that come out of his mouth have no basis in reality of what a true Republican would say.  The words he utters tend to be a caricature of what liberals THINK a Republican should sound like.  His character seems to take great delight in eviscerating whatever Republican leader or politician has to say on the show.  The Newsroom never goes after the endless stupid and inane things the Democrats do or say.  They do not touch upon the five or six scandals that are sinking this administration (the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Obamacare scandal and the voter fraud scandals that seem to cloud this president).  All they focus on is the Republicans, what they say that is wrong, what they did that was stupid, how they are incompetent, how they handle the press, etc.

Every other character, and I mean every one, bleed Democratic blue.  They feel everyone’s pain, they love the administration, they look down upon Republicans as less than human, they tend to look down at Wall Street and business.  They are pithy (OK…alll Sorkin characters are pithy because that is his writing style), they can recite Shakespeare or obscure pieces of music from some esoteric opera, they have that New York attitude that they are better than everyone else, and they care more than anyone else on the planet.  All in all it adds up to a show of caricatures.

It could be so much better.  While the pictures are beautiful, the writing is pretty good (you can still write lines that sound fantastic and the message can be completely off or wrong), the characters are young and fresh, but the end result is nothing.  After I watch each episode I walk away like I ate 1,000 empty calories.  Compare this show to a well-written and meaningful show like Breaking Bad and you will see what I mean.

So I will continue to watch the show to see what the other side thinks and feels.  I will watch it for the high production values.  I will watch it to see which pithy likes Sorkin will re-use from other hit shows (see examples here), and I will watch it because there is nothing else on Sunday nights.  I will, however, walk away feeling empty and unfulfilled.  I just don’t give a damn about their wrong-sided politics or their pithy little problems.  It is hard to care about characters that are caricatures.

Corruption Overload

I am suffering from corruption overload.

This government of ours, and more specifically this administration, is mired in multiple occurrences of corruption and malfeasance and no one seems to care.  The main stream media (MSM) certainly did not care until it was discovered that their emails were being hacked and spying was going on against any reporter who had the temerity to write negative articles about Our Dear Leader.  That is my name for Obama, because it fits in so well with his communist leanings.

Then there is Benghazi, where this administration left four Americans to die.  I immediately knew something was off when they lied to the American public about the cause of the riots–they blamed a Youtube video that was viewed a couple of hundred times and may be the worst video ever put on the Internet.  I kept asking myself, why lie?  Why cover-up?  The only thing that made sense was that they were trying to hide something else, something much more nefarious like running gins to Al-Qaeda, who happens to be our enemy.  Isn’t the definition of treason giving aid or comfort to our enemy?  This would be a fantastic reason to cover up the Benghazi attacks and the reason this administration let four Americans get murdered.  Where was Obama during all this?  No one knows.  When it came to killing Osama bin Laden, though, he was front and center in the situation room taking all the credit.  Thank God that CNN is now delving into why so many damn CIA agents were in Benghazi.  See CNN’s story here.

Corruption Overload, the bureaucracy.

The amount of corruption continues with another scandal, that involving the IRS.  The director of the IRS had 157 entries into the White House visitor log before the election in 2012.  I think the IRS commissioner met with President Bush once.  Then the IRS went after Tea Party organizations like a alligator attacking chickens.  They were found to have gone after so many Tea Party organizations and asking questions about their friends, families and associates.  They wanted to know what was said during prayers.  They used the force and the girth of the government to put down the opposition to Our Dear Leader.  This is something that happens in third world countries, not here.  I suppose since we have a third-rate President that we deserve what we get.

The corruption continues, as the spokesperson for Obama went on the record and called these scandals phony.  Phony.  Jay Carney, in his smug way, went and had the balls to declare that all these things going around Our Dear Leader were phony and drummed up by Republicans.  This may be a bit true since Obama has had no clear leadership qualities shown to us to date.  He is a poser, an empty suit, and he is a bad guy.

Corruption part three.

So the corruption continued and it turns our the the National Security Agency, the NSA, is involved in the vast collection of information on every single American citizen.  They are collecting the metadata on our cell phones, they are photographing every piece of mail, they are collecting all of our email activities and following what you do online.  They are pretty much everywhere in our lives, and no doubt deep in my colon as well, or they will be when the corrupt IRS takes over the running of Obamacare.  We are in trouble folks.

What does all this corruption mean you the average American?  It means that our liberties and freedoms are being strangled out of us by the government boa constrictor.  By the time most people wake up, it will be too late and freedom will be dead.  It will mean the national government will be used like a weapon to go after anyone who opposes Our Dear Leader.  It means some government bureaucrat will decide who lives and who dies.  If you donate money or vote for Our Dear Leader, or whoever happens to be in charge at the time, then you may get the medical care you need.  If not, fuck you and good luck to you.

The corruption means that taxes will rise higher and higher, meaning those of us who work will see 70% of our wages stolen from us to give to those who do not want to work or to give to whoever is in charge, their political hacks.  It means free and true elections are done.  It means this country will end up like Detroit, bankrupt, swollen, corrupt and pathetic.  It means that America, a country only in existence for 240 some years, and who in that time gave more wealth to the majority of its people, will be nothing but vapors of the past.  It means we will become like every other two-bit country and for that I cry.

George Zimmerman and the farce that is his trial

George Zimmerman the straw man.

There are so many things to say about the George Zimmerman case and it is all because of race, I suppose.  Lately, everything in this country comes down to race.  Obama was supposed to bring the races together but instead he has driven a wedge between relations that may not be able to be repaired.  I have never seen things this bad my entire life, and now the government is presenting a case where they basically want to convict the guy regardless of evidence.  It makes me sad that George Zimmerman is being made a scapegoat in all of this, and the things that I read leave me scratching my head.

First let’s start at the beginning.  George Zimmerman was on a neighborhood watch in Florida.  While on patrol he met up with Trayvon Martin, who did not live in the neighborhood but who was visiting relatives.  There was a confrontation then and Zimmerman ended up shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, who was 17 years old at the time.  Let me start by saying I am sorry he was killed and that in and of itself is a very tragic story.  Now let me delve into the reaction of the media, first and foremost.

The Media was quick to label George Zimmerman a white racist.  It turns out that Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic, but that is neither here nor there, it just is what it is.  The Main Stream Media, however, was quick to portray this as a white man hating the black man, and killing him.  Never mind the pesky little facts here, keep moving along.

Next the Main Stream Media, mainly NBC, altered the 911 tapes to make it appear that Mr. Zimmerman’s acts were racist.  I am not sure what they had to gain from this except I do know that they lost any and all credibility when they broadcast this information.  There is an excellent article about the extent to which the media stooped to make this a racial crime on Breitbart.  Here is the link.

The Main Stream Media continued their assault by always posting pictures of Trayvon as a 12 year old boy, all sweet and innocent.  When photos were released from his camera phone they showed him much older, meaner looking, holding a gun, smoking weed, video taping fighting.  He was not the pure innocent victim that the media portrayed him to be.  Of course the courts would not let any of this be shown to the jurors, because God help us all if they have an accurate picture of this young man.

Next, President Obama put in his two cents and said if he had a son he would be like Trayvon.  Really.  Your son would be brandishing hand guns, smoking geef (OK…yes his son most likely would be smoking weed if he was anything like dear old dad), video recording fights and acting like a thug?  I don’t see that since his daughters are 100% different from that.  It didn’t matter, though, because the point was to demonize George Zimmerman as a raging racist.

George Zimmerman on trial.

Now George Zimmerman is on trial.  They waited over a month to charge him and then the district attorney, bowing to public pressure, decided to charge him for the killing of Trayvon.  The trial has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and so far I do not see a case.  I see a lot of poor witnesses for the prosecution.  I see a judge that made a ruling that should send him into retirement.  What I do not see is a fair trial.

The first “witness” was Rachel Jeantel and I do not have a lot of things to say about her because she comes off as a tragic figure.  She cannot read cursive handwriting, because there was a very awkward moment in court where she could not read a letter she write with a friend to Trayvon’s parents because it was in cursive.  She lied about being in the hospital at the time of Trayvon’s funeral, and her witness testimony was what she heard on the phone while talking to Trayvon at the time he was killed.

During the first week of her testimony for the prosecution against George Zimmerman, she was hostile and angry and came across as an uneducated young woman.  Her twitter account was scrubbed clean of about 47 posts where she talked about drinking, driving and getting high.  She spewed the words “bitch” and “n____r” a few times like the words meant nothing.  The second week we saw a completely different girl in temperament and it lead the defense attorney to ask if someone coached her about changing her attitude.  Between the lies, the functional cursive illiteracy, the confrontational attitude, and her general overall impression, the prosecution’s top witness could have been a witness for the defense.

George Zimmerman and the judge.

Today I heard that the judge in this case told the jury to strike testimony that was heard the day before by one of the officers that interviewed George Zimmerman.  This officer had the audacity to say that they found Zimmerman’s testimony to be truthful.  God forbid the jury should have an honest answer given to them if the honest answer goes against the script of how this trial was written.  The judge should retire based on this decision alone.

CNN stepped up to the plate again and showed images of all the personal information on George Zimmerman, including his Social Security number.  I hope Zimmerman sues them as well and walks away with multiple millions of dollars.

A lot of people on Twitter are now posting about all the violence that will occur if Zimmerman is found innocent.  This kind of reaction and coercion is simply mob mentality and it has to end in this country.  We are a country of laws, not men (even though Obama does not think that this is the case).  If we let the mob mentality rule we are not better than a third-world shithole.

Finally, this case should never have been brought to trial in the first place.  George Zimmerman did not fit ANY of the requirements needed to file second degree murder charges.  There is ample evidence that Zimmerman was telling the truth, that Trayvon was the aggressor, that he was beating the living hell out of Zimmerman, that Zimmerman feared for his life.  This was not a 12 year old boy, this was a 17 year old young man full of muscle and testosterone, fueled by some inner rage, taking it out of George Zimmerman AFTER Zimmerman quit following him and went back to his truck.

For some reason, all race related, the people on high decided that Zimmerman was the perfect white man, even though he is Hispanic, to try for this murder.  He is the evil white racist.  He is the bad guy.  Even though all the evidence points against it and even though charges should never have been brought in the first place.  It is truly and disgusting time to be a law abiding citizen in this country now days.