Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

One of the most prevalent sayings in the english language actually comes from the French, or more specifically Marie Antoinette in giving advice to the starving peasants in France.  I should say it supposedly comes from her, but it encapsulates in four tiny words the absolute indifference and apathy that the ruling class had towards the people they were supposed to govern.  Because of these words, the stories go, the French Revolution took place and Marie and her husband, King Louis XVI were tried, found guilty of treason and beheaded.  The French gained their form of democracy and there were no more kings to rule France.

As seen today these words still scream about leaders being out of touch with the people.  This is what we have in Congress right now and especially the Presidency.  Besides the few Teas Party members in Congress none of these so-called intellectuals understand that we the people was government out of our lives, we want government spending cut to the bone, and we want to stop spending more than we take in.  While the President wants the rich to pay more, or “their fair share” we realize that the people who make up the richest 1% of the country pay somewhere in the neighborhood of 38% of all income taxes collected.  The tope 10% of wage earners pay about 70% of all taxes.  The bottom 50% of income earners pay no income taxes.  You call that fair?  Fair would be a flat tax or a sales tax based on consumption and pure income.  SO this little political hack and community leader does not grasp simple math.

What kind of cake do we eat?

The poor in this country eat many different kinds of cake.  I have not seen a starving poor person in this country.  The hungry people exist but no one is starving.  Somalia has starving.  We have a well-fed and fat population and we have the first lady dictating to us what we should eat, how we should eat, and where food stores should be located.  Meanwhile she goes out for fancy dinners and chows down on baby back ribs.  Her husband tells us not to go to Las Vegas, yet he has been on so many vacations since he took office that you would need an Excel spreadsheet and a doctorate in mathematics to figure out how many times he has been on vacation.  He has golfed more than any president I can ever recall.  He also added more money to the debt in four days that President Eisenhower and Truman combined from 1950 to 1960.  What does that tell you about this man?  He eats cake all the time so he expects that everyone else in this country has the same opportunities for food.

There is also a disproportionate amount of people on food stamps compared to previous years.  We are now a country of slaves to the government with most people having to accept government handouts, food stamps, etc.  We are supposed to bow down before the massa of government.  We are supposed to have government give us our food, housing, cars and happiness.  We have become a people who suck off the government teet.  We eat government shit cake daily and the middle class and the wealthy have to choke it down.

Be a good slave and eat more cake

So we have a President who is in over his head more than a five year old would be in over his head running a nuclear reactor.  Every single one of his policies hurt the people he claims to protect.  She shoved 700 new regulations down our throats and we have to eat that shit sandwich in the form of higher prices for everything we purchase.  He wanted gas to rise to $4.00 a gallon and was too fucking stupid to realize that everything in this country gets tot he stores by truck and thus the cost of EVERYTHING will rise.  He shoves gas regulations down the throats of Americans and the big three Auto makers choke on it like they ate five dollar sluts choking down a cock.  He spend so much money that we have to eat the debt shit cake for the rest of our lives and our children’s lives.  The leaders in this country, and I use that term loosely, don’t give a shit about me or you or your neighbor.  They care about votes, power, staying in office, and their pensions that will never go out of style.  They gorge on their health care and do not have to eat the shit sandwich they forced down the rest of the American’s throats.  They pass bills they do not read, they force us to loan money to people who cannot afford to buy a house and then default, and they shift the blame for their actions on everyone else.  They all should eat the biggest shit cake of all.

There is trouble coming in this country.  I hope the Tea Party takes over the house and senate and do the right thing before the current crop makes us eat more of their cake.  I also know the President is another Carter, although more self-centered, and he is one and done.  Eat that big shit cake Obama.