I loved Levi’s jeans.

I was the ideal customer.  I started wearing Levi’s jeans when I was a little kid and I never went away from them as my choice of clothes around the house.  They had a brand loyal customer for over 40 years.  I would pay more for my Levi’s because I knew they were quality clothes and even though I paid more money I got longer wear and I loved the way they fit.  This also encompassed several different body types on my part.  I started out skinny and wearing 505’s and lately I have been wearing Levi’s 560’s which have a generous cut and generous sizing.  I loved the way they looked and felt.  Every time I went to buy new jeans it was not a difficult process.  I would go in and buy Levi’s.

Why I do not love Levi’s anymore.

It started a year or so ago, or maybe it was closer to two years.  I went and bought my annual new pairs of jeans and loved them.  I wore them like every other pair I owned, which means I wore them every day.  I noticed that the belt loops on my 560’s would rip out at the point it was attached to the pants.  I lived with it for a while until another belt loop ripped in the same fashion.

I went and bought two more pair of Levi’s 560’s.  I wore them like I always did and three weeks into the first pair the belt look ripped again.  I got out the scissors, cut off the loop and a week later another belt loop ripped apart from the bottom.  I exchanged this pair of pants to Kohl’s and they gave me a new pair of Levi’s.  I wore the new pair for about three weeks and the belt loop ripped again.  I was very frustrated at this point.

I took the time to write an email to Levi’s and I submitted it on their website.  I took the time to explain I was a 40 year customer and that I have never had a problem with their jeans in the past.  I believe that the quality went way down when they started manufacturing them overseas.  That seems to be when the problems with my jeans started.  I do not remember if I got a reply back but my intention was to point out a major design flaw in their jeans and I was hoping they would fix the problem so I could wear their jeans again.  Instead I am not on their email list and I get stuff from them all the time.  Instead of listening to my concerns and then fixing the problems they want me to buy more jeans from them.

I am sorry Levi’s, but I am gone.  You have lost a customer and you have lost him for life.  I Googled this problem and I discovered that it is not an uncommon problem.  It seems to me that someone at Levi’s would pay attention, address and fix their defective products.  It was after this happened to me the second time in a six-week period that I went out and bought a new pair of jeans, Lee’s.

What now if not Levi’s?

I miss my Levi’s.  I truly do.  I do not like the way the Lee’s fit so I simply ordered a new brand online.  I read that a lot of people like this brand, Lucky, and they were compared favorably to Levi’s.  I paid a little more than I usually do, but I found them online and I put in the order anyway.  A bonus is that they are made in the USA and I am certain that this will help improve the quality.  I hope the fit suits my physique.  That is the clincher.

I am sorry Levi’s but you have lost a customer, and the offspring of this customer, for life.