Lotus Butane Lighter

A beautiful little lighter

The Lotus Lighter

I recently bought a new lighter, or should I say my first lighter, because once in a while I like a good Cigar and when I have one I am sick of lighting it with a Tiki Torch.  I went to Thompson Cigar (www.thompsoncigar.com) and I found a very nice looking lighter on clearance for half price.  Seeing as I only smoke a couple of times a month, I did not want to spend a ton of money on a lighter, but I did want something that might last.  I purchased a Lotus Dual Torch silver lighter.  Here is everything it says about the lighter on the web site as well as a photo.

The Lotus lighter’s high points

  • Sporty European design
  • Double torch flame
  • Large flame adjuster
  • Fuel level window
  • Large tank capacity
  • Electronic quartz ignition
  • Chrome satin & polished chrome finish

I love it.  I have only used it a couple of times but the dual flames work outdoors and in a bit of wind as well.  The top flips open a bifold door and the flames shoot out with a wonderful butane hiss.  It lights a cigar quickly.  It is also elegant.  It looks like a lighter Sam Spade would have pulled out to light a dames smoke in some black and white movie.  It is wonderful.

Final thoughts on my new Lotus lighter

I think if you need or want a lighter if you pay a few bucks for one you will be happy.  I would look for a dual or triple flame because you will want to have something that lights with a little wind blowing.  If you want something classy, a Lotus sure in the hell beats a Bic.