Sangean H201 AM/FM Radio Review

My shower radio

Sangean H201 Shower AM/FM Radio

Sangean H201 Shower AM/FM Radio

I purchased the Sangean AM/FM Digital Shower Radio about two months ago. Previously I have owned the Sony ICFS79W Weather Digital Shower radio and it worked well for me for about six years, but the top of the radio was made out of a material that cracked over time and the radio simply wore out. I had it hung from the shower door when I owned it.

When I was researching radios I knew I wanted something different than the Sony, simply because the Sony wore out too quickly for my taste. The review here is comparing the Sangean radio to the Sony since this is my only frame of reference. This review also must take into account that I have only owned the radio for two months.

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I purchased the Sangean radio based on the reviews on Amazon. In the photo the radio looks cheap but when it arrived I was surprised at the size of the radio and the weight. This is a substantial unit. I liked the sleek design and I really liked the wall hanging attachment that was included. I mounted the radio up above my head and next to the shower head because the vents in the speaker point down and I thought that this would provide me with better sound.

How the radio functions

The radio was easy to program. The buttons are sturdy and feel like they will last longer than the Sony. The radio is intuitive to use and there are five presets for AM and five for FM. Since I am a creature of habit the radio is usually on one preset station. The only minor complaint I have is that when you turn on the radio the clock is not present and there is no way to tell what time it is. I can turn off the radio and the clock immediately comes on.

The sound is also more substantial than the Sony. It has a deeper base sound and for one speaker produces a pretty nice sound for the shower. The volume buttons (there is an up and down) work well and it is easy to find a setting loud enough to be heard over the shower and quiet enough not to wake up the rest of the house.

The only thing I did not understand is the light on the side of the radio. It is like a miniature miner’s helmet light and in the shower it really serves no purpose. I imagine if you took this radio out on a boat it could come in handy some way. This radio also comes with a strap, which I attached, and you could theoretically hang it over the shower. I simply mounted the radio on the included wall mounting unit so the strap itself is redundant to me.

Why I like this radio

I would highly recommend this radio to anyone looking for a solid, well-built and nice sounding system.