Vizio XVT553SV 55" LCD LED 240hz TV

My Vizio television

Vizio 55" LCD TV

Vizio 55" LCD TV

I had a 61” JVC ILP (like DLP) 1080p projection TV which I had for four years and loved. The only two problems with this TV was the brightness was not enough to overcome the brightness in the room where the TV was located, and I had to take off the front of the unit in order to clean off mirrors and inside of the screen when little dust blotches would appear.   I had to do this every six months or so to keep a nice clear picture on it.  I needed to upgrade.
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I walked into Costco one day and saw this TV and immediately knew I had to have it. The picture was absolutely phenomenal and the price was amazing when comparing the features to the features in more expensive TVs. God was looking down upon me because less than a week later I ran into some unexpected money and I immediately went and bought my new toy.

Taking the Vizio home

Set up is easy. The remote control is fantastic in that it is like a slide out phone and it has a full QWERTY keyboard on it. This helped immensely with the set up since you to have to type in passwords and such during set up in order to hook up the wi-fi. I did not hook a computer up directly to the TV, but I did hook up to the internet wirelessly to my home network. The set up was intuitive and fast and I was watching the TV in under 10 minutes.
The picture is stunning. The blacks are deep black and the colors are dynamic and rich. The contrast ratio provides a bright and crisp picture that is not dimmed by the bright room that the TV sits in. I even liked the sound from the speakers on the set; they sound pretty darn nice for TV speakers. When we first started watching our favorite shows the picture looks so crisp and perfect that the TV shows we watched looked like they were not real. Even shows that are filmed on location look unreal. Hawaii 5-0 is a travel brochure. The scenes all look brilliant and the scenery pops out at you.
I have not fiddled with the picture controls much because I liked the picture that came out of the box. I did try some of the widgets and they were fun to play with, although I do not see me sitting in front of the TV to access Facebook. I did sign up for Netflix and I have to say that streaming movies from the internet is painless and easy and I am happy that I will not be paying extra money on my bill for movie channels.
The picture was so stunning I had to go buy a blue ray DVD player. I ended up buying the top-of-the-line Samsung and have been happy with it. My family and I watched a few Blue Ray DVD’s and the sound and picture are absolutely stunning. Both my digital receiver and my blue ray player are hooked up using HDMI cables, and this makes the picture look fantastic.  TIP.  Buy HDMI cables online and pay only a couple of dollars in what would cost you a hundred dollars at a big box score.  HDMI cables are pretty much all the same.

Final Vizio thoughts

I would not hesitate to buy this TV. I read up on Vizio  TV’s and they were always mentioned for their outdated designs and a picture that was not quite up to snuff. Well they did well here. For about $500 cheaper than competing models you can get a 240 hz 1080p full-array LED LCD TV. The picture is beyond compare and I am sure it is because of the local dimming of the full array LED lighting. I would buy this Vizio TV again in a heartbeat.