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A little bit about us or should I say about me

The idea for Suburban Insanity came one night when a friend and I were drinking.  The original concept was to start a blog about the middle class, about those who live in the much maligned suburbs.  It was going to be a he said/she said kind of blog so that the reader would get perspective from both a male and female point of view.  Alas, this fell through.

The she said part of the equation fell through.

I am tired of the trite bullshit we all put up with day after day and I will vent and rant about things that mean something.  I will write without hyperbole, without enhancing life and putting it through a rose filter, and with my heart.  I will speak the truth as I see it.  It will have all the good stuff that relates to the human condition and my condition.

What is Suburban Insanity about?

It is about me.  I am a middle-aged white male who grew up poor, poor, poor in the inner-city.  I was raised in a single parent home.  I was the first person in my family to graduate college and I did it all on my own.  I have been married for over 20 years to the same woman.  I have two kids, two cats and a dog.  I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood in a nice state.  I have the suburban sheen but underneath there is more.  I want to show you the more part of the equation.  i am tired of everyone blasting the suburbs.  There is not a damn thing wrong with raising your kids in a place that is safe and good.

Welcome to Suburban Insanity and what the suburbs are all about.

A blog about the suburbs.  A suburban blog.