I am giving up Candy Crush

I am giving up Candy Crush

I admit it.  I am addicted to Candy Crush.  My kids told me about this game when we got our first smart phones and it was pretty fun for a long time.  The game is free but you can purchase extra lives, unlimited lives for a set period of time, or many other things I have no idea about, because I am too damn cheap to pay for anything.  You get five lives per cycle and when they are gone you have to wait 2.5 hours to rebuild the five lives.  You can even connect it to Facebook and pester all your friends for more lives.

I am giving up Candy Crush.  I have been on level 425 for about two months (I already admitted I was an addict) because the designers of the game decided that instead of needing skill to get past a level, you tend to need to spend a lot of time on it and then pray for a lot of luck.

I am done with it.

I am uninstalling Candy Crush.

Today I am uninstalling Candy Crush.  I may sync it up to Facebook because when you do this you can always re-install the program and it will sync with Facebook and you will start again at the same level that you last played.  Thus, I will not have to go through 424 stages taking a couple of years and thousands of hours of productivity, to get back to where I started.

As I write this I realize how pathetic this sounds.  I have a problem.  I need an intervention or better yet a twelve-step program to get over the addiction that grips me.  I just decided I am going to uninstall it and go cold turkey.  I need to.  I have to.  If I do not it will be in the background, a seductive temptress luring me to the electronic bliss that I seem to need.  I know my daughter gave up the game for the most part, she did not go cold turkey, but I need to do this.  I need to do this to be more productive and to show Candy Crush that I am the one in charge and it does not own me.

Life after Candy Crush

Is there life after Candy Crush?  I am guessing there is.  I had a life before the game came to me and I will have a life afterwards.  I will not spend thousands of dollars for extra lives so I can get past the sadistic levels the developers created.  I know they did this to extract money from my wallet.

So I am going to do this right after I make this post.  I will not sync Candy Crush with Facebook and I will not get a new game in its place.  I will instead pick up a book, or a newspaper, or maybe take my dog for a walk.  Calm down, she gets a walk a day already.

Life is going to be good after Candy Crush!


Halloween rocks!

Halloween especially rocks when the weather is nice and the kids and parents who go door to door are warm and in good moods.  You get to see these cute little kids in their totally rocking costumes and it is fun to see the differences in personalities.  Some kids are outgoing and brave and have no problem knocking on your door and screaming out, “Trick or treat!”  Other kids need a little prodding and with encouragement from the parents they go to their door and hold out their bags and whisper the same command as above.  The ones who are the best are the cutie pies who are brave enough to come up to the door but they are not quite sure how this whole candy for word program works.  I love those kids.

Halloween in the hood.

My kids are almost past trick or treating stages.  My daughter went out this Halloween but my son stayed home and handed out candy and herded cats.  The cats figured out quickly that the doorbell meant the door would open soon and that the window in the storm door was out and they could leap to freedom.  My cat Stan made it to the end of the driveway before being caught.  Anyway, when my kids were young I took the kids to the different houses.  I loved it when the women were dressed up in sexy costumes.  I still love it.  I also love the places that give out full sized candy bars.  We did that this year but ran out after 120.  Next year we will have to buy more candy.

The weather this Halloween was very nice.  It was warm and that helped drive traffic.  The kids were out in droves and it was simply a fun night.  I do not answer the door, I hate that part.  I stand in the background.  Next year I may dress up super scary and scare the kids.  I love that.

I don’t like kids who are seniors in high school who trick or treat.  Give up the ghost.  I know who you are and I thought you were better than that!

Halloween is over and I can’t wait until next year.

Next year the kids will be older and they may stay home and all hand out candy.  My son will be at college and maybe he will not even be home.  I know the kids are getting older and I am too.  I may have to think of a cool costume and make one myself this year.  Then I can go to adult parties and rock it out.  I love Halloween!