Why I Post Political things on Facebook

Political things on Facebook

A friend recently chastised me for posting political comments on Facebook saying that when I post things that I am not doing anything to change our political system. Unfortunately I did not have a ready comeback to his persistent question of what am I doing. I have thought about it and am posting this to everyone so at least you might understand where I am coming from.

I am a student of history. I read voraciously and understand that history repeats itself over and over and over again because people do not read or understand history, and people have not changed. We are programmed deep in our DNA to act and react and the predators who are our politicians (and many others) have figured out how to manipulate information and feelings in order that the people follow blindly their recipe to fix things.

Throughout history the first thing dictators do is shut down the press, and in this day and age the politicians have largely corrupted the main stream media so that they will never report the truth if it would hurt the Democratic party. Look at the incestuous relationship between the main stream media and the current administration. Hell, look at all the reporters either sleeping with or married to someone who has power over us mere sheeple. Here is one link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/media-administration-deal-with-conflicts/2013/06/12/e6f98314-ca2e-11e2-8da7-d274bc611a47_story.html

Political things on Facebook and conflicts

When you have these types of conflicts how can you expect the main stream media to give you the truth? How can you expect a media who overwhelmingly give money to one political party to be unbiased in their reporting or even care that they do? It is the same now as it has been throughout history and this country is going down a dangerous path. Read how Hitler got into power. He created crisises that only he and he alone could fix if just given enough power. He used an economy that went into the toilet to get elected vowing his version of hope and change. He killed Jews and gays and Gypsies and any other undesirables because good people stood by and did not speak up for fear of being chastised.

Other dictators have done the same thing. They use actors and authors and popular culture to sway people that they alone can fix things. When they take over the country they end up killing these people first, then the college professors, and then anyone who dare speaks out against them or the tyranny. Read and understand history or we are doomed.

So what am I doing? I am posting stories that most people do not see on Facebook hoping that some will read them to see things from other perspectives. The active and loud voices of dissent are the only things that keep people from tyranny. I am posting stories that do not come from the government, frankly because every single thing the government has told me for the last six years or more have been lies. It is sad that I cannot believe one thing the government says. So I am posting in hopes that one story or two or more will be passed on and shared in hopes that others will read something and not get their news from John Stewart.

I also have worked for the Republican Party the last two election cycles and have been a delegate. It is not because I love the Republicans, in fact I loathe the leadership more than I can put into words. I go and become a delegate in hopes of getting Tea Party people nominated and elected because I know that under this current political climate both the Republicans and Democrats are corrupt and rotten to the core.

I am working to get a states convention going so we can change the constitution so that we can get term limits and other amendments added to the constitution. I am giving money to people who want the flat tax and who want to abolish the IRS. I am attending Tea Party meetings. I read. I send out stories on Facebook even though people hate political things because when the greatest country in the world collapses, and we will, people will wonder what they could have did and I want to be one of the minority that is shouting from the roof tops.

On a personal level we have a small supply of food storage items. We have cash on hand in case of disaster. If ebola hits and explodes like I believe it will, then I hope others are doing this too. I also give money and clothes to charity, I deliver meals on wheels and this year I am going out to ring a bell for the Salvation Army. I am the guy who buys Christmas wreaths from cub scouts and if a neighbor calls and needs a hand I will be there to help out. I am part of an exchange where people donate their talents for the use of other people’s talents.

That is what I do.

The Newsroom is garbage.

The Newsroom is garbage.

I have watched The Newsroom on HBO since it’s inception and I have come to the conclusion that it is garbage.  It is well-written garbage with snappy dialogue and some interesting characters, but the premise of the show is thin and after a while it gets tiresome watching them bash every Republican on the show while felating the President and Democrats.  The Newsroom is written and produced by Aaron Sorkin, who created and wrote the TV series The West Wing as well as the movies The Social Network and A Few Good Men.  He has a lot of talent.

Now in my political leanings I have been called to the right of Attila the Hun.  I tend to want very limited government and I want to get rid of the political elite who simply love running every aspect of our lives.  Aaron, if I may call him that, Aaron seems to believe that big government is the answer to all our problems and if we simply give them more, more, more, the within months we will be living in Utopia.  So why do I watch the show?  I watch it for the same reason I watch NBC and CNN, to see what the other side is up to.  Besides, like I said previously, The Newsroom is written by a guy who is a very good writer.  Politically is where we part ways.

The Newsroom opening credits, first and second season

The Newsroom’s opening (for season one) shows a bunch of images meant to illicit feeling that the people who work in this fictional newsroom care.  They care about the truth, they care about getting stories correct, they care about big government.  What is in these little vignettes to show their feelings?  First there is the haunting piano music meant to add gravitas to the photos you are about to see.  Next comes a picture of a satellite orbiting earth and photos of Newsrooms past (think Walter Cronkite).  Next they show actual photos of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, the CBS newsroom, David Brinkley,  and then the stars of the actual show.

The Newsroom shows these images being shown on an old TV set where you can see the horizontal lines.  The pictures of the stars of the show are shown in the same manner letting you know that this newsroom is steeped in tradition the same as the old-time news shows.  That is the opening for season one.

Season two tosses out all those old images and they are replaced by the new, modern caring images.  It opens with images of New York City, skyscrapers, a woman holding a coffee cup (coffee seems to represent some sort of intelligence and gravitas;  see my brilliant take on coffee drinking here), a bridge, a train (God how the left love choo-choo trains!  See my article on trains here!), and then shots of the Newsroom.  These shots include clocks representing different time zones, someone speed reading and highlighting The New York Times, because The New York Times is the news, fires and explosions, someone watching the fires and explosions, someone using a Blackberry (who besides President Obama even uses a Blackberry anymore?), coffee again, this time it is spilling over some paperwork, computers and keyboards, and finally several different shots of the Newsroom, the equipment, the people in it, and a lot of monitors.  It is all style at this point, but that is the same of any TV show these days.

The Newsroom characters etc.

Next come the characters in The Newsroom.  The first thing you notice is that everyone is young.  Everyone, that is, except for Jeff Daniels who plays the main anchor, Sam Waterston who plays the news division president, and Emily Mortimer who plays the producer of the fictional ACN newscast.  To complicate matters, Mortimer’s character used to date Daniels’ character and now they are thrust together producing a nightly news show.  Everyone else in the show appears to be twenty-something and all of them appear to be brilliant, hard working, dedicated, and searching for the truth.

Jeff Daniels’ character is the token Republican.  I say token Republican because the words that come out of his mouth have no basis in reality of what a true Republican would say.  The words he utters tend to be a caricature of what liberals THINK a Republican should sound like.  His character seems to take great delight in eviscerating whatever Republican leader or politician has to say on the show.  The Newsroom never goes after the endless stupid and inane things the Democrats do or say.  They do not touch upon the five or six scandals that are sinking this administration (the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Obamacare scandal and the voter fraud scandals that seem to cloud this president).  All they focus on is the Republicans, what they say that is wrong, what they did that was stupid, how they are incompetent, how they handle the press, etc.

Every other character, and I mean every one, bleed Democratic blue.  They feel everyone’s pain, they love the administration, they look down upon Republicans as less than human, they tend to look down at Wall Street and business.  They are pithy (OK…alll Sorkin characters are pithy because that is his writing style), they can recite Shakespeare or obscure pieces of music from some esoteric opera, they have that New York attitude that they are better than everyone else, and they care more than anyone else on the planet.  All in all it adds up to a show of caricatures.

It could be so much better.  While the pictures are beautiful, the writing is pretty good (you can still write lines that sound fantastic and the message can be completely off or wrong), the characters are young and fresh, but the end result is nothing.  After I watch each episode I walk away like I ate 1,000 empty calories.  Compare this show to a well-written and meaningful show like Breaking Bad and you will see what I mean.

So I will continue to watch the show to see what the other side thinks and feels.  I will watch it for the high production values.  I will watch it to see which pithy likes Sorkin will re-use from other hit shows (see examples here), and I will watch it because there is nothing else on Sunday nights.  I will, however, walk away feeling empty and unfulfilled.  I just don’t give a damn about their wrong-sided politics or their pithy little problems.  It is hard to care about characters that are caricatures.

President Obama's budget

President Obama’s budget

President Obama came out with his latest budget yesterday. As usual it was filled with phantom cuts, tax increases and Wizard-of-Oz-like magic. The mainstream media did not do anything to refute his budget promises. It amazes me how they continue to kowtow to this president and the Democratic Party. While the mainstream media is pretty ineffectual now, in the future it will simply vanish by the wayside as people look to the Internet and other sources for their news stories. They are literally writing themselves out of their jobs it makes me sad.

President Obama has been the worst president the United States has ever seen. He was elected simply because he is black.  He had no experience in the real world, no experience running a real business and no experience in politics so to speak. He had a Harvard education but his records are locked so no one can really look up how he got to Harvard, or what he did to deserve that degree. He has had everything in his life handed to him on a silver platter simply because of the color of his skin. He admits when he was young he did drugs, was a poor student, and did not think anything of the future. Yet somehow he managed to get into Harvard, have his school paid for, and ended up with a high paying professorship at the same school. No one is really sure if he actually wrote the books he claims have written and one of his friends actually claimed that he was the author of Obama‘s books. He has very little history in the way of passing laws, writing bills or anything else that pertains to the normal job of a Senator, let alone President.

When Obama ran for president no one looked into his background, no one looked at the church he attended, and no one looked at the people he hung around with. Because President Obama was black, he had a free pass when it came to the media sussing him for this position. If opponents brought up anything about his past, President Obama claimed racism. If they tried to write about his history and his wife’s employment, the media screamed out racism. No one who opposed president Obama could say anything negative about him without being called a racist and now look at the pickle that we are in.

President Obama and spending.

Like every other Democrat in the history of the United States, President Obama cannot say no to spending. I know he does not control the spending bills because they are generated in Congress, but President Obama puts his stamp on what he wants and how much he wants to spend. The Democrats have been spending us into oblivion. When President Bush was in charge then Senator Obama said that the debt was a crime against our children. At that time President Bush’s debt was only $4 trillion. President Obama has increases number to $9 trillion.

President Obama has also talked about raising taxes. He is the new most divisive president in the history of the United States. He always attacks rich people, people who have more money, people who work harder, and the people who actually produce for the society. He lets go the fact that 48% of the population that paid no federal income tax. He does not mind that more people are on food stamps than ever before in the history of the United States. He is trying to drive up the price of gas to at least four dollars a gallon, if not more, without the simple comprehension of a child that raising gas prices will indeed raise the price of every single item in this country. And like any other Democrat he loves choo choo trains. He wants to build high-speed rails here, high-speed rails there, high-speed rails everywhere. Yet every time I see the high-speed train run in this county, in this area of town, I know the transit and government is spending hundreds, of dollars if not thousands, on every trip; it is like flushing money down the toilet.

The people in charge of our government today sure like to spend money and our debt grows every single day. Every single day we add more money to the amount of debt we owe the Chinese. Every single day we spend more money than we take in. When president Obama took office the price of the American debt for every man woman and child in the United States was somewhere near $15,000. Since he has been in office, this number has increased to about $45,000 per man woman and child. It is a crime what he is doing to this country. President Obama should be tried for treason, and if found guilty punished per the dictates of the law.

President Obama and everything else.

President Obama also decided that he was above the law. His appointed countless czars to countless positions to control the population of the United States. He has forced healthcare down our throats. He is forcing the Catholic Church to provide contraception to women, even though it goes against all of their teachings. He has empowered the EPA to and add several thousand pages of new rules designed to keep businesses from growing. He has denied the building of the Keystone pipeline, which could have created thousands of jobs and got cheap Canadian oil into the United States. Every single act this president has done has been treasonous.

President Obama has decided that our borders are not worth defending. He lets in, and has let in, millions of undocumented workers. By undocumented I of course mean illegal. He seems to think every other country in this world has the right to their sovereignty the right to their National Heritage, and the right to be an independent nation. Yet somehow he does not think that the United States gets to observe the same rights.

President Obama had also committed an ungodly amount of gaffes in his short tenure in office. For instance, he has bowed before several leaders of other nations on this Earth. Never before in the history of our country has a President bowed before other leaders. Yet President Obama is seen bowing before every Muslim leader that he runs across, and other leaders as well. He has given the Queen of England an iPod loaded with his speeches on them. How ego-maniacal is that? He had given the Prime Minister of England DVDs from America, not realizing that the English use a different standard in their DVDs. He is like a man-child. He thinks just because he says something, that it is true.

President Obama has got to go. He’s bad for this nation, bad for this country, and bad for every person he claims to support and want to succeed. Nothing will be accomplished by taking away millions and millions of dollars from the rich to give to the poor in this country. That solution will only fix things one time. After that the rich people move away and never return and the poor people will continue to sucking the teat of government until it collapses on itself. If this happens, and I am positive it will, President Obama needs to be tried as a criminal. He needs to be tried for treason. Every step, every action, every loss, every czar, every single thing this president has done is, has been done with the goal of ruining this country. Since that seems to be his goal, then it must be said that I was wrong. President Obama, using the standards I just mentioned, is the most effective president we have ever had. And because of that he is going to bring down the greatest country in the history of the world under his leadership.

I hope President Obama is remembered as the lousiest president in the history of the United States, and is a genuinely bad person.

Why do Democrats love trains?

Trains and the Democrats.

The Democrats are enamored with trains.  They love the high-speed trains, they love trolley cars, and they certainly love Amtrak.  No matter how shitty the economy, no matter how in debt we are as a country, the Democrats will always ask for new choo choo trains.  It is a sickness and it represents everything that is wrong with the Democratic party these days.  I have several theories on why they love trains so much.

Trains and Europe.

Europe is loaded with trains.  You can catch a train almost anywhere and get to most any place in Europe on a train.  A lot of people do not have cars, which distilled to its essence means they can control your movements.  I think the Democrats love Europe, not so much for the trains but more to the fact that the governments have all this power and they control almost every aspect of each person life.  The Europeans try to couch it in language that says they will take care of everyone, from birth to death, and as an individual you will not be responsible for any of your actions.

Europe is also a small continent.  England is very small and thus, with a lot of people living in a small space, trains make a lot of sense.  They do not make money but they make a lot of sense.  It is very easy to get from point A to point B in England on a train and when you get to your destination you simply walk or get a cab to take you the rest of the way.  The trains run on time and they are usually well-ridden.  That is not the case in the United States.

The Democrats and Obama are pushing a more trains agenda.

The Democrats have a hard-on for a high-speed light rail train in California.  The route would be from L.A. to San Fransisco.  I do not live there but there are a few things I have learned about it.  The cost as of today is going to be $117 billion dollars.  This money does not come from private businesses but it comes from the government.  Not only does it come from the government, it comes from the federal government meaning everyone in the country is paying for a train that will only run in California.  The other great thing about this story is their predicted ridership, which is inflated in every single train proposal I have ever seen, is expected to be 10 times greater the number of travelers who fly to San Fransisco today!  How the fuck is that even possible?  It does not matter to the Democrats because they love spending money on shit that does not work.

Besides the initial building costs, which will go up substantially, the cost to run the damn thing will never be recouped through fares.  This means every single time the choo choo trains are running you are flushing money right down the toilet.  You can hear the flushing sound if you listen closely.

Obama and the Democrats just killed a bill that would have built a pipeline from Canada to Texas.  This pipeline was going to be paid for by private funds.  The pipeline would have employed about 20,000 people a year to build it and then a number less than that once it was built.  It would have brought much-needed oil to this country from a country who is our friend.  Every single day this pipeline would be open it would be bringing money and products to this country, the absolute opposite of what trains will do for the economy.  The real kicker is that because the pipeline was denied, Warren Buffet is going to be bringing in the big bucks because he owns the TRAINS that will transport the oil in Canada.  Funny how it comes back to trains.

In Minneapolis and Minnesota they are building light rail to connect downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.  the cost for the choo choo trains is one billion dollars.  The ridership numbers were grossly inflated, like they always are, and every time the train runs it will be like flushing money down the toilet.  Flush.  The ridership numbers will never, ever meet projections and the Democrats will continue to lie to us and shove more light rail down our throats.  They told us when they built the Hiawatha line that the choo choo trains would help reduce traffic.  It had the exact opposite effect.  Traffic on Hiawatha Avenue is worse that ever because the lights are triggered by the trains and the trains run every 10 minutes each direction.  Thus, the cars are eternally caught in massive traffic jams and traffic sucks.

They now want to also build a high-speed rail line to Chicago.  They say the travel time will be 4 hours and 35 minutes to 5 hours and 47 minutes, depending on the route the tracks will be laid.  This can be found on the MN Department of Transportation’s web site.  Flying to Chicago takes about 1:45 minutes but that would increase by a couple of hours if you include the time spent getting anally probed by the TSA.  I can drive to Chicago in a little over 7 hours.  Where is the great savings?

It does not matter about savings because it is all about control, all about taking away our cars, and all about trains.

The Occupy Wall Street Protests

The occupy wall street protests

have been going on for a while now.  The people have been living in urban areas under tents and under the stars to protest who-knows-what for about a month now.  The news was quick to pick up on this story telling us how large and copious the rallies were, and in comparison when Glenn Beck had his rally where there were 500,000 people in attendance, well CBS news put that number at 40,000.  Once again we are let down by the media people in this country with their bias.

I had first hand experience with the Occupy people and the media.  I was downtown and walked through the government center and I spotted this guy with a camera scoping out a hot woman that was walking by.  I was watching him when this other hot woman grabbed my by the arm (that does NOT happen every day) and it turns out she was a reporter from the local news.  She asked if she could interview me and I said sure, and the questions she asked me were all geared to make the occupy people seem like they were on a noble quest.  She told me they were prepared to stay out there until winter.  She asked me what I do to affect change.  Her point of view was pretty much leaning towards the occupy protestors.

Now the Occupy movement is about a month old.

I have family that is 100% liberal and democratic and so they paste on Facebook how proud they are of the protesters.  I asked them what about the multiple rapes, what about the drug use, what about the thefts, what about the crapping on police cars, what about the racism of the people towards the Jews?  They came back with how the Oakland police used rubber bullets on them.  Now that the Oakland occupy people have lit that city on fire they are not saying much.  Instead they put up a post telling me how teachers are underpaid.  Excuse me?  Teachers average a fantastic salary and they have all summer off.  They have it so much easier than the rest of the people in this country and to top it off they always ask for more and more money from us.

I am tired of it.  I am tired of their being two classes of people in this country.  I am not talking rich and poor because I do not believe in class warfare.  I am talking about people sucking off the government teat and the rest of us that have to pay for it.  We cannot afford it.  We cannot afford to burden our kids with this debt.  The economy is about to implode from public pensions and union pigs taking, taking, taking and complaining.  Well pretty soon the rest of us are going to stop putting up with this shit.

The occupy movement will do one of three things.  Two are going to be good for the Republicans.

The first thing is that it will absolutely push people over the edge and they will flee from this President and his morally bankrupt ways.  He hopefully will be thrown out of the White House and he hopefully will never be heard from again.  I have never in my life thought this country would have a President as bad as Obama.  Let’s hope this happens.

Option number two is that the Occupy movement will continue to burn cities and turn this country into one that will have a civil war.  They will say they are fighting for the 99% but it will end up much more like Nazi Germany and Obama will make himself a dictator because it is just too important a time in this country for him to give up office.  I know it sounds over-the-top but I think it is a real possibility.  I would give it a 33% chance of happening.

Finally the occupy movement will fade away.  With the press we have and the way they react to everything this is the most likely outcome.  I hope so, anyway.  Let’s get rid of the occupy movement before it gets rid of us.