Abolish the IRS

It is time to abolish the IRS

It have been thinking about our government a lot lately and I think about all the corruption and graft that is occurring by both parties and I think almost all the corruption would simply disappear if we did one thing: abolish the IRS.  I am not saying that we should get rid of taxes and am not advocating overthrowing the government, but if we got rid of this agency and did something about term limits, I think a majority of the corruption would go away.

The dreaded IRS

The dreaded IRS

Why abolish the IRS?

Think of how politics works in this country.  Congress creates a tax code that is almost 74,000 pages long and no one on earth understands all the complexities contained within this code.  No one.  Not the people who wrote it, not the agency that is charged with enforcing it, not us poor serfs who have to adhere to it year after year.

Buried within this code are thousands upon thousands of loopholes that corporations use, and rich people use, to get out of paying taxes.  They get these loopholes inserted when they give money to members of congress to get these pigs elected.  The more loopholes that these swine invent, the more corruption and the more money they receive.  The process is cyclical and it keeps feeding on itself.  The only way to take this corruption and crony capitalism out of Washington is to cut off the head of the snake, and yes, I know I am mixing my metaphors.  That is why we should abolish the IRS.

If we abolish the IRS what would take its place?

A flat tax, 15% no loopholes and no write-offs.  I would make it so that even the poorest people in this country would have skin in the game and would have to pay something, even if it only $100.  Businesses would pay the same amount as a percentage and this would get our country in line with other countries like Canada, Russia and other modern countries.  These companies would in turn bring back money to the US, build more plants, hire more people and these people would pay more taxes.

Corporations really do not pay taxes anyway.  What they do is they past on the cost of whatever taxes are owed to the cost of their service or product.  The $500 iPhone has taxes that Apple has to pay tot he government.  Their profit is the difference between the cost of labor, materials and overhead, plus taxes and what you pay for the phone.  If we dropped the corporate income tax to 15% then the price of goods and services on almost every product would surely drop.  If we abolish the IRS and replace it with a unit that simply collects the 15%, ensures that all companies do pay their 15% and keep track of these filings over the year we could cut this government down to a manageable size.

After we abolish the IRS we would then replace the complex tax forms with a postcard.  We would get rid of having to buy software or hire someone to do our taxes, we would cut out an ungodly amount of man hours wasted on filling out these tax forms, and the power of the IRS could not be used to go after political foes or anyone else who disagrees with the government.

So how about it?  Let’s streamline this bad boy and simply abolish the IRS.  The money would dry up in Washington and favors could not be curried by bribes and donations.  Life would be very good!

Life is Like High School

Life is like High School

The older I get the more I realize that all of life is like high school.  You have no idea how much that disappoints me.  When you are trying to get out of high school when you are young, you dream of getting away from all the petty bullshit and all of the games that are played;  but you know what?  You never get away.  High school is with you throughout every aspect of your life and in the United States you will never escape it.

Remember going to high school and trying to navigate all the cliques, all the bull shit, and trying to be liked by everyone else around you?  It is the same way in your grown up life.  With the advent of Facebook you can now see how people act and behave and you see the things they put up with to get along, to not make waves, and to be liked.  What caused the writing of this article?  I had someone IM me on Facebook and tell me that she removed a post from my high school page because it was political, and as an aside she said she did not like my feeds because she did not like what I wrote about politics.  Excuse me?  I told her if she did not like it to remove me as a friend and she would get no more feeds from me and that is where it stands now.

High School and Politics

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, highlights the high school phenomenon more than the election of Barack Obama.  Never has a man been elected without any vetting by the press or his own political party.  He is a ghost.  His past is muddled and we are not allowed to ask questions about it, his stories do not jibe (some would call them stories, I call them lies), he will not let anyone see his school transcripts and the birth certificate he submitted as proof has been shown to be a fraud put together by a novice PDF creator.  He was elected because he was black and because he could read words off of a teleprompter.  He had no experience running anything, let alone a country, yet he was elected nonetheless.  The blacks voted for him with a 98% rate, which means most of them voted for him because of the color of his skin.  It makes me utterly sad.

If you are on the right, like I am, you notice this happens all over the place.  News organizations fellate this president because they want to be liked.  The news shows do not get interviews with the guy, mainly because he is to busy appearing on The View (where he is trying to be liked), to busy hanging out with his holiday buddies (trying to be liked) and to busy playing golf (hey, who doesn’t like golf?)  When you are on the right the schools are against you, the press is against you, movies and video games are against you, all because the people running these institutions was to be liked.

Why being liked is not the road to travel, or get off the high school treadmill

The education industry in our country stinks.  It is absolutely rotten.  In Detroit only 7% of 8th graders can read at grade level.  Only 4% are proficient in math at this age.  The statistics are not great in almost all of our big cities.  We are told it is because we do not spend enough money on students.  In my state we spend $17,000 a year per student.  It is still not enough.  Black kids are getting the worst of it because their graduation numbers are abysmal.  Yet we are told day after day by the press and the unions how much teachers are needed, are valued, are worth every cent we pay them.  They want to be liked.  They want everyone to have a trophy.  In high school they pass you when you cannot do the work.  They get money for attendance, not results.

This government, this administration, had added more debt to the each and every one of us in the country more than all the presidents, through Reagan, combined.  I worry every day about the country we are leaving our kids.  Instead of fixing the problems, and risk not being liked, they kick the can down the road and they continue to spend money we do not have.  Obama’s cronies got a shit load of money.  His pie-eyed dreams of solar energy were a complete and utter failure, yet it made him and his followers feel good.  Obama is proud that more Americans than ever are on food stamps.  It makes him feel good, like in high school.  He is proud that more people are on disability than ever in the history of the planet, because it makes him feel good.  I do not want a man-child leading the free world or more importantly, destroying this country through his spending to make everyone feel good.

I may not be liked on Facebook but I do not care.  I may be done with it, I have not decided.  It is too much like high school and high school was filled with unimaginable douche bags who did the littlest work possible in order to be liked, or accepted, or loved.  There is no reaching for excellence, there is no pride in work well done.  Alas.


It is time to eliminate the IRS

It is time to get rid of the IRS

The biggest problem we have in this country, and we have a lot of problems, is the tax code and the IRS.  Politicians use the IRS to curry favor and votes.  Other politicians use the IRS to go after their enemies.  The tax code in 2010 as 71,684 pages long.  71,684 pages long.  In 2006 the tax code was 16,845 words long.  We are creating bureaucracy upon bureaucracy to keep people employed, to go after companies in the country and to attack political enemies of those in charge.  48% of the people in this country pay no federal taxes, yet they are the ones bitching the loudest how unfair our tax system really is.  Really?  Is that the leg you are trying to stand on?  It is time to get rid of the IRS.

Let’s put a flat sales tax in place.  That means that every time you buy anything in this country you are going to pay between 15-20% more to cover the cost of government.  The IRS will hate this plan because with it you could cut positions at the IRS by 90% and you would raise more money, and everyone would be paying their fair share.  I do not want the sales tax hidden in the price.  That means if I buy a product for $20, I would pay $23 for the item with a 15% tax (this does not include any state taxes).  I do not want the tax to be a stealthy one.  I do not want an item priced at $23 so people do not know the true amount of money they are paying to the government.  Every time a person buys something I want them to feel the pain like the middle class people do, otherwise the politicians will keep raising the taxes instead of cutting spending.

So let’s get rid of the IRS.

Yes, many people will lose their jobs but tough hop.  We do not need IRS workers pushing papers and auditing the fuck out of people, we need them to go away and be productive.  Yes, the tax software business will be shot to hell as well as most tax preparers.  I do not care.  We need to simplify the code and collect more money and spend less.  Some of the IRS employees could be collection people; they would go out and collect the money that stores raised in taxes and they could perform audits.  It would be a system that would be fair because everyone would pay all the time.  You could write a check to anyone living below a certain income level once a year that would defray the cost to the poor.  You could put systems in place where the poor would pay so they would see how much money the monster called government really consumes.

The politicians would be fucked.  No more tax breaks for G.E. or any “green” projects, no more loopholes for their cronies, no more loopholes for themselves.  Everyone would pay every time they consumed something.  Easy peasy.  The IRS agents who write the tax code can go into their true line of business, being a dominatrix.

Along with the IRS they government peons keep adding thousands of words to environmental regulations.  They are trying to enact laws to drive up the price of gas so we take their choo choo trains.  They are trying to enact laws against energy companies, the ones that actually produce energy and create jobs (not the green energy companies), so they pay, and then we pay, even more to heat our homes or use our computers.  Al Gore screams like Chicken Little and is making a fortune off the scam called “global warming.”  He should be charged as a criminal.

We could still have a corporate tax but that should be slashed to 15% too so we can compete with every other country out there in the world.  Do you know the corporate tax rate in Canada is 16%?  Russia, formerly communist Russia, has a corporate rate of 20%.  We have a corporate rate of 35% and we wonder why companies are leaving the US.

The IRS would just be the start.

Once people see how much more money would come into the coffers, they would see the other inefficiencies in government.  The IRS would go away.  We should also get rid of the EPA because they are doing nothing now except to be Obama’s crony in taxing the living hell out of oil and coal companies, which in turn the costs get passed onto us.  Obama is creating a system that is the most oppressive form of government there is, one where they create so many rules and regulations that we are unable to sustain any kind of growth in this country.

Once the IRS and EPA is gone we should eliminate the Department of Education.  The DEA has been in existence since Jimmy Carter and education scores continue to plummet.  They create rules that everyone must follow and that add thousands of dollars per student per year in costs.  It is time to end the DEA.

Finally, every Democrat in this country should be ashamed, and most Republicans too.  They think government is the answer to all our woes when in fact, the government has caused all the woes.  It is time to dismantle this system and put rules in place to ensure that government gets rid of baseline accounting and goes to a real accounting system.  It is time to be fair and the best place to start would be the IRS.

Slavery and the United States Today

Slavery is alive and well in the United States.

In Wikipedia the definition of slavery is found in the first line of the entry.  It says, “Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property and are forced to work.”  The other online dictionaries have basically the same definition as Wikipedia does.  When people think of slavery today we usually think about the early years of this country when mostly blacks were held as slaves to work for their masters on plantations.  In the United States we tend to only think of our own history and not that of the rest of the world, and thus very few of us know that slavery has been with man throughout our history, it involves all races enslaving other tribes of the same race or other races, and it still continues on to this day in some parts of Africa.

I want to expand this definition and proclaim today that almost everyone who lives in this country are now enslaved to the federal government.  Now I know the federal government does not stand over us with a whip and chains, but what would happen if you refused to give up part of the proceeds of you work to them?  They would march you into court and they would try you and they would throw you in Prison.

Prison  seems to be a fantastic analogy of what America is today.  Think about this for one moment.  The government sends people to prison where they control every single aspect of the prisoner’s life.  They control when the people eat and sleep, when the people shower, when they exercise, when they get to see people from the outside, how much free time they get during the day, and how long the people will be behind bars.  The prison system represents the ultimate amount of control that the government can hold over any one person.

Let me ask you one very simple and basic question.  When the government controls every single aspect of the lives of people in prison, how come prisons are not safe?  Ultimately the government claims that every thing they do is to make the people in this country safe.  They try to clean the air, clean the water, tell you what bulb to use, tell you how much water your toilet can flush, it imposes food policies down our throats, it tells us what we can smoke, who can smoke, where we can smoke, and it takes a cut from people who do smoke.  The goal of all of this is to make people safer.  Yet when they have the ultimate form of control, in a prison, there is no safety for the prisoners there.  I would use this to extrapolate that everything the government is doing now is not making anyone in this country safer.

How does this fit in with the slavery thing?

There are two basic types of people in this country.  There are those that work and pay taxes and those who live off of the government tit.  I will address both of these as it pertains to slavery.

The workers get up and go to work every day.  In return for their work and skills they get a wage.  In a pure economic system everyone would barter their services or products but humans have evolved and we now get paid with paper money.  The first thing to be taken out of this money that hard-working people earn are the various taxes.  These taxes include social security, FICA, state taxes and federal taxes.  I would argue that these taxes enslave us to the government.  The government needs money to promote the safety of its citizens.  Yet I would argue that the government only wants money to grow government.  They do not care about the average worker until it comes time to take the taxes out of the paycheck.

And the taxes and slavery does not end there.  Once you get your check you will have to make your house payment.  If you own a house you pay property taxes.  Most of us pay a monthly mortgage and we pay a portion of the taxes every month.  Next, you pay taxes on everything you buy for consumption except on food and clothing in my state.  So besides the average federal income tax rate of 18% that most people pay, most people pay a 10% state tax on average as well.  We pay a percentage of our money left over for our property taxes, and then we pay 7% on everything else we buy.  If you are getting to the store via your car you pay taxes on the gasoline and you pay taxes in the form of license fees.  The bottom line is that by the end of the year the average worker pays 57.7% of their income to taxes.  That statistic can be found here.

Think about that for one moment.  Almost 60% of your time is spent toiling for the government or the master.  We are involved in slavery every single day of our lives.  I would argue that this rate is incorrect.  Here is my reasoning.

Do corporations pay taxes? The obvious answer is that unless you are G.E. that they do pay taxes. In fact, the corporate tax rate in this country is 35%, which is the highest of any industrialized country in the world. The companies that pay the most taxes are the ones that have physical locations in every state, like Target or Wal-Mart because they cannot ship their operations overseas. Thus, every corporation in America pays 35% in taxes.

So let’s take a hypothetical situation where a person goes into Target to buy an Apple iPad for $600. Does Apple pay taxes on the iPod? No. It passes the taxes it pays onto the consumer. Let’s say Apple makes $200 profit on each iPad (I am assuming they sell the iPad to retailers for about $400. Thus, the taxes on $200 is $70, which the end-user pays. Now you walk into Target or Best Buy or Wal-Mart and they have to make a profit on each one so they sell it for $600. This means they make $200 on an iPad but they pass the $70 on to the consumer. For the entire purchase the end-user pays about $140 in taxes on this product BEFORE they pay the sales tax on that item. That is on a $600 purchase. Let’s round it up to $1,000 purchase and the taxes would be closer to $250. That is 25% on every single purchase you make. So out of the little pile of money the government allows you to keep, you go out and purchase things and the government takes a hidden cut of about $250 per $1,000. I would argue the effective tax rate on a single person in the U.S. is closer to 70%. If that is not slavery, I don’t know what is.

Slavery and the “poor.”

The poor in the country are on the other end of the spectrum. I firmly believe that most people who are poor in this country are poor because of poor life choices they made. Most of them do not graduate high school, most of them pop out kids because they know the rest of us will pay for them, most of them have given up.

This is a form of slavery in and of itself. If you have a person who is on welfare because of generational poverty, the Democrats in this country want you to be beholden to the government so they can continue to be the pigs they are and stay elected. How do you think most of these people feel every month while they wait for their government check? They probably feel a lot like the slaves did back in the day in this way: they are thankful to their masters for the meager amount of money they get.

Slavery and being poor in this country is absolutely a product of this current government.  Yes, there were poor people before the government got so damn big.  The government steps up with the “Great Society” and claims it is going to eliminate poverty.  Has that happened?  Far from it.  We are now paying so much of our wages in taxes that a majority of people in this country are now on food stamps.  This is another hidden tax.  Why?  Because the government doesn’t simply take money from me and give it to you, it takes a cut out of every dollar to pay the salaries of the same people who impose the taxes on those who work.  Thus, now the government has set up the perfect system of slavery.

Yes, we do not get whipped but if we do not pay taxes we will go to jail.  If we go to jail then we are put in real and physical danger.  Basically there is a gun to our heads.  That it a nutshell is the very definition of slavery.

We are at a crossraods with our government and most people are not aware of this.

We are at a crucial tipping point in regards to our government.

If you read anything but the main stream media you will already know this.  If you listen to people like Glenn Beck or Mark Levin, you will already know this.  If you simply get your news from NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN then you probably do not know about this because they do not report it.  In fact, the main stream media seems to be in cahoots with our government so that they run every single aspect of our lives.

There are  a lot of sheep out there who look to the government to fulfill their every want, desire and need and they have no idea how to fend for themselves.  They end up living lives they hate because they do not take charge of their lives.  They end up creating generations of welfare recipients who will never get off the government tit.  Then there are other people, most people, who go to work every day, work hard every day, and they do not pay attention to what these people who think they are our betters are trying to do to us. These people are worried about putting a roof over their kids heads and food in their mouths and tend not to get caught up in politics.  They know government is out there and they accept that it is needed but they do not pay attention to how they want into every single aspect of our lives.

Mark Levin has said it best about government.

I am paraphrasing here but he said that we elect people who think we are smart enough to elect them but who think we are not smart enough to buy our own light bulbs, buy our own toilets, buy our own shower heads.  Why do we give government the power to dictate what lightbulb we buy?  Did you know you will not be able to buy an incandescent lightbulb after the first of the year?  The government has determined that they waste too much energy and that we will have to replace them.  It turns out making these bulbs is a cheap process and companies did not like the profit margins on these old bulbs.  Therefore, they pushed the government to get us on flourescent bulbs, each one that contains mercury, a dangerous metal, and that you have to handle and dispose of with care.  Your other option is LED lights which run about $50 each now.  What a choice.

They also dictated a while ago that we could no longer buy toilets with enough capacity to flush a turd down the toilet in one flush.  Now every bathroom in america has a plunger (there used to be one per house) because the toilet clogs if you get more than 2 sheets of paper in the pipes.  If you happen to have to go to the bathroom and defecate God help you to get that thing out of your house and into the sewer system.  I hate and loathe having to flush twice when I go to the bathroom.

They did the same with shower heads years ago and now everything they sell is low flow, so we save water.  It sucks to try to get clean while dribbles of water cascade over you.  It now takes longer to shower because you have less water covering the same surface area.  Government decided that we were wasting water so they outlawed normal shower heads.

Government now wants you to buy health care insurance.

What is the difference between slavery and what they are trying to do to us?  Does the government actually think it can create a utopia if we just allowed them to control every aspect of our lives?  Have you seen the customer service, or lack thereof, at the DMV?  The rest of government is made up of the same types of people.  There is nothing nobel about working for the government.  In fact, it is mostly the opposite.  People flock to those jobs because they cannot be fired for incompetence once they are hired, the pay is higher than in the private sector, and they tend to have much more expensive and better perks when working for the government.  So most people who work there, I contend, are greedier than the average worker.

What is going to happen when government takes over health care?  I can tell you several things now.  The wait to see doctors will be longer than it is now.  There will be so many people overwhelming the system that the people in place now will never be able to keep up with demand.  The government will not dole out care equally.  The people who donate money to the slug politicians will get better care.  People who are not white will get better care.  People in groups like GLBT communities will get better care.  The older you get the less likely you are going to get surgery that will extend your life and make it any better.  Yes, most people will have health care but the quality of care will drop to that of third world status.  Costs will not go down like they promised, they will go up.  There will be so many regulation and red tape that it will take more government employees to process the paperwork.  Doctors will make less money and do more work.  We will lower the bar for getting into medical school because more blacks and minorities will need to become doctors.  Fraud will be through the roof.  Fraud in government health care that is out there now is through the roof because no one is held accountable.  Most people will pray for the days like they are today.

Since government is paying for your health care

(OK, not really but this is how they will position it) they will determine what you eat.  Read this article about Mayor Bloomberg that he says today!  He truly believes it is the government’s job to oversee the food we eat.  Maybe we can all get little coupon books and go to the store for our beets and water, just like in the old soviet union.  And it will not stop there.  Government will dictate how much you exercise, they will track your BMI, they will intervene and take kids away if they are deemed too fat (yet most of them have no control over their own lives), they will control every single item that goes into your body.

What can we do about it?  The very first thing is to get rid of President Obama.  He is a socialist fool.  The next is to get the Democrats out of office.  This holds true for the entrenched Republicans as well.  Government is too big.  We need to cut it back now.  We need to elect Tea Party people who are not invested in keeping this scam going.  We need people in elected offices to watch out for the little people and not for their own interests.  Do not listen to the lies spread by the government today and start getting your news and information from other sources.  Government will never be the answer to all your problems and more likely will be the cause of your problems.


TSA makes 95 year old cancer patient take off her adult diaper

The TSA has got to go away.

What the hell else can I say about the TSA besides what the title says?

We are like frogs in a pot of slowly boiling water.  The government takes away our rights incrementally and as a result we will notice this until it is too late.  Every day we are burdened by more and more laws while they cannot enforce the ones actually spelled out for them in the constitution.  Why does anyone have faith in the government to do anything correctly?  Besides the military I have no faith in the government doing anything right.

Wow, we live in a fucked-up country.  We are in such a politically correct pretzel, we are trying so hard not to offend people, that we have taken any common sense and thrown it out the window.  Why are we pulling over 95-year-old women, a dying cancer patient nonetheless, at all?  We let the women with Burka’s go right on through.  We don’t take seriously stories of “musicians” who were acting very strange on a flight like they were going through a practice bombing run.

I know, what the hell do I know about the TSA, I am a white guy.

I am white.  I am the whitest guy you have ever seen.  As soon as white guys start blowing up planes I would not mind for a minute if I were profiled.  A few years ago I was in London when the Irish were bombing the piss out of things.  I could pass for Irish because of my pasty pale skin.  When I went to ride the London Eye I was standing in line and security came up to me and started asking me questions.  Soon they asked if I would mind being searched.  I had no problems at all at that point because their reasoning was logical.  They pulled me out of line, I was asked to assume the position against a wall, and a security person first frisked me and then wanded me.  They apologized for having to do this and wished me a pleasant journey.

We need to be like El Al.  We know who the people are who are blowing up planes and buildings.  They are largely from the Middle East, they are largely muslim, they are mostly male, and they usually fall in between the ages of 21-40.  We know the signs of someone who is ready to bomb a plane.  If we do not we can ask the Israelis and they would give us the lists.  If we see someone who is a young Arab and who is nervous and acting not quite right, we pass this person over because 95-year-old ladies must be humiliated.  And instead of the government just admitting it is a giant fuck-up, they double down saying their security procedures are the best.  Yet in tests conducted by the TSA they let fake bombs through all the time.  El Al has never been hijacked and they are in the most volatile places on earth.

The government has no answers.  They try to make us feel like they do with ineffective agencies like the TSA.

It is time we cut back on the Government.  First, get rid of the TSA and homeland security.  Let’s then work our way around and get rid of the EPA, who are overreaching their power, and get rid of the department of education.  Since the department of education was created by Jimmy Carter we have thrown billions of dollars at education and added bureaucracy.  Test scores continue to decline and people are getting stupider.  In order to compensate we create even more simple tests, say homework does not matter, and we continue to increase spending with no results.  We really are not that stupid as a country, are we?

If the TSA does not start doing a serious and credible job of searching for terrorist, which means profiling, then get rid of it, give every passenger a gun, and I bet no one on earth would ever hijack an airliner again.