Abolish the IRS

It is time to abolish the IRS

It have been thinking about our government a lot lately and I think about all the corruption and graft that is occurring by both parties and I think almost all the corruption would simply disappear if we did one thing: abolish the IRS.  I am not saying that we should get rid of taxes and am not advocating overthrowing the government, but if we got rid of this agency and did something about term limits, I think a majority of the corruption would go away.

The dreaded IRS

The dreaded IRS

Why abolish the IRS?

Think of how politics works in this country.  Congress creates a tax code that is almost 74,000 pages long and no one on earth understands all the complexities contained within this code.  No one.  Not the people who wrote it, not the agency that is charged with enforcing it, not us poor serfs who have to adhere to it year after year.

Buried within this code are thousands upon thousands of loopholes that corporations use, and rich people use, to get out of paying taxes.  They get these loopholes inserted when they give money to members of congress to get these pigs elected.  The more loopholes that these swine invent, the more corruption and the more money they receive.  The process is cyclical and it keeps feeding on itself.  The only way to take this corruption and crony capitalism out of Washington is to cut off the head of the snake, and yes, I know I am mixing my metaphors.  That is why we should abolish the IRS.

If we abolish the IRS what would take its place?

A flat tax, 15% no loopholes and no write-offs.  I would make it so that even the poorest people in this country would have skin in the game and would have to pay something, even if it only $100.  Businesses would pay the same amount as a percentage and this would get our country in line with other countries like Canada, Russia and other modern countries.  These companies would in turn bring back money to the US, build more plants, hire more people and these people would pay more taxes.

Corporations really do not pay taxes anyway.  What they do is they past on the cost of whatever taxes are owed to the cost of their service or product.  The $500 iPhone has taxes that Apple has to pay tot he government.  Their profit is the difference between the cost of labor, materials and overhead, plus taxes and what you pay for the phone.  If we dropped the corporate income tax to 15% then the price of goods and services on almost every product would surely drop.  If we abolish the IRS and replace it with a unit that simply collects the 15%, ensures that all companies do pay their 15% and keep track of these filings over the year we could cut this government down to a manageable size.

After we abolish the IRS we would then replace the complex tax forms with a postcard.  We would get rid of having to buy software or hire someone to do our taxes, we would cut out an ungodly amount of man hours wasted on filling out these tax forms, and the power of the IRS could not be used to go after political foes or anyone else who disagrees with the government.

So how about it?  Let’s streamline this bad boy and simply abolish the IRS.  The money would dry up in Washington and favors could not be curried by bribes and donations.  Life would be very good!

Corruption Overload

I am suffering from corruption overload.

This government of ours, and more specifically this administration, is mired in multiple occurrences of corruption and malfeasance and no one seems to care.  The main stream media (MSM) certainly did not care until it was discovered that their emails were being hacked and spying was going on against any reporter who had the temerity to write negative articles about Our Dear Leader.  That is my name for Obama, because it fits in so well with his communist leanings.

Then there is Benghazi, where this administration left four Americans to die.  I immediately knew something was off when they lied to the American public about the cause of the riots–they blamed a Youtube video that was viewed a couple of hundred times and may be the worst video ever put on the Internet.  I kept asking myself, why lie?  Why cover-up?  The only thing that made sense was that they were trying to hide something else, something much more nefarious like running gins to Al-Qaeda, who happens to be our enemy.  Isn’t the definition of treason giving aid or comfort to our enemy?  This would be a fantastic reason to cover up the Benghazi attacks and the reason this administration let four Americans get murdered.  Where was Obama during all this?  No one knows.  When it came to killing Osama bin Laden, though, he was front and center in the situation room taking all the credit.  Thank God that CNN is now delving into why so many damn CIA agents were in Benghazi.  See CNN’s story here.

Corruption Overload, the bureaucracy.

The amount of corruption continues with another scandal, that involving the IRS.  The director of the IRS had 157 entries into the White House visitor log before the election in 2012.  I think the IRS commissioner met with President Bush once.  Then the IRS went after Tea Party organizations like a alligator attacking chickens.  They were found to have gone after so many Tea Party organizations and asking questions about their friends, families and associates.  They wanted to know what was said during prayers.  They used the force and the girth of the government to put down the opposition to Our Dear Leader.  This is something that happens in third world countries, not here.  I suppose since we have a third-rate President that we deserve what we get.

The corruption continues, as the spokesperson for Obama went on the record and called these scandals phony.  Phony.  Jay Carney, in his smug way, went and had the balls to declare that all these things going around Our Dear Leader were phony and drummed up by Republicans.  This may be a bit true since Obama has had no clear leadership qualities shown to us to date.  He is a poser, an empty suit, and he is a bad guy.

Corruption part three.

So the corruption continued and it turns our the the National Security Agency, the NSA, is involved in the vast collection of information on every single American citizen.  They are collecting the metadata on our cell phones, they are photographing every piece of mail, they are collecting all of our email activities and following what you do online.  They are pretty much everywhere in our lives, and no doubt deep in my colon as well, or they will be when the corrupt IRS takes over the running of Obamacare.  We are in trouble folks.

What does all this corruption mean you the average American?  It means that our liberties and freedoms are being strangled out of us by the government boa constrictor.  By the time most people wake up, it will be too late and freedom will be dead.  It will mean the national government will be used like a weapon to go after anyone who opposes Our Dear Leader.  It means some government bureaucrat will decide who lives and who dies.  If you donate money or vote for Our Dear Leader, or whoever happens to be in charge at the time, then you may get the medical care you need.  If not, fuck you and good luck to you.

The corruption means that taxes will rise higher and higher, meaning those of us who work will see 70% of our wages stolen from us to give to those who do not want to work or to give to whoever is in charge, their political hacks.  It means free and true elections are done.  It means this country will end up like Detroit, bankrupt, swollen, corrupt and pathetic.  It means that America, a country only in existence for 240 some years, and who in that time gave more wealth to the majority of its people, will be nothing but vapors of the past.  It means we will become like every other two-bit country and for that I cry.

It is time to eliminate the IRS

It is time to get rid of the IRS

The biggest problem we have in this country, and we have a lot of problems, is the tax code and the IRS.  Politicians use the IRS to curry favor and votes.  Other politicians use the IRS to go after their enemies.  The tax code in 2010 as 71,684 pages long.  71,684 pages long.  In 2006 the tax code was 16,845 words long.  We are creating bureaucracy upon bureaucracy to keep people employed, to go after companies in the country and to attack political enemies of those in charge.  48% of the people in this country pay no federal taxes, yet they are the ones bitching the loudest how unfair our tax system really is.  Really?  Is that the leg you are trying to stand on?  It is time to get rid of the IRS.

Let’s put a flat sales tax in place.  That means that every time you buy anything in this country you are going to pay between 15-20% more to cover the cost of government.  The IRS will hate this plan because with it you could cut positions at the IRS by 90% and you would raise more money, and everyone would be paying their fair share.  I do not want the sales tax hidden in the price.  That means if I buy a product for $20, I would pay $23 for the item with a 15% tax (this does not include any state taxes).  I do not want the tax to be a stealthy one.  I do not want an item priced at $23 so people do not know the true amount of money they are paying to the government.  Every time a person buys something I want them to feel the pain like the middle class people do, otherwise the politicians will keep raising the taxes instead of cutting spending.

So let’s get rid of the IRS.

Yes, many people will lose their jobs but tough hop.  We do not need IRS workers pushing papers and auditing the fuck out of people, we need them to go away and be productive.  Yes, the tax software business will be shot to hell as well as most tax preparers.  I do not care.  We need to simplify the code and collect more money and spend less.  Some of the IRS employees could be collection people; they would go out and collect the money that stores raised in taxes and they could perform audits.  It would be a system that would be fair because everyone would pay all the time.  You could write a check to anyone living below a certain income level once a year that would defray the cost to the poor.  You could put systems in place where the poor would pay so they would see how much money the monster called government really consumes.

The politicians would be fucked.  No more tax breaks for G.E. or any “green” projects, no more loopholes for their cronies, no more loopholes for themselves.  Everyone would pay every time they consumed something.  Easy peasy.  The IRS agents who write the tax code can go into their true line of business, being a dominatrix.

Along with the IRS they government peons keep adding thousands of words to environmental regulations.  They are trying to enact laws to drive up the price of gas so we take their choo choo trains.  They are trying to enact laws against energy companies, the ones that actually produce energy and create jobs (not the green energy companies), so they pay, and then we pay, even more to heat our homes or use our computers.  Al Gore screams like Chicken Little and is making a fortune off the scam called “global warming.”  He should be charged as a criminal.

We could still have a corporate tax but that should be slashed to 15% too so we can compete with every other country out there in the world.  Do you know the corporate tax rate in Canada is 16%?  Russia, formerly communist Russia, has a corporate rate of 20%.  We have a corporate rate of 35% and we wonder why companies are leaving the US.

The IRS would just be the start.

Once people see how much more money would come into the coffers, they would see the other inefficiencies in government.  The IRS would go away.  We should also get rid of the EPA because they are doing nothing now except to be Obama’s crony in taxing the living hell out of oil and coal companies, which in turn the costs get passed onto us.  Obama is creating a system that is the most oppressive form of government there is, one where they create so many rules and regulations that we are unable to sustain any kind of growth in this country.

Once the IRS and EPA is gone we should eliminate the Department of Education.  The DEA has been in existence since Jimmy Carter and education scores continue to plummet.  They create rules that everyone must follow and that add thousands of dollars per student per year in costs.  It is time to end the DEA.

Finally, every Democrat in this country should be ashamed, and most Republicans too.  They think government is the answer to all our woes when in fact, the government has caused all the woes.  It is time to dismantle this system and put rules in place to ensure that government gets rid of baseline accounting and goes to a real accounting system.  It is time to be fair and the best place to start would be the IRS.