Why I Post Political things on Facebook

Political things on Facebook

A friend recently chastised me for posting political comments on Facebook saying that when I post things that I am not doing anything to change our political system. Unfortunately I did not have a ready comeback to his persistent question of what am I doing. I have thought about it and am posting this to everyone so at least you might understand where I am coming from.

I am a student of history. I read voraciously and understand that history repeats itself over and over and over again because people do not read or understand history, and people have not changed. We are programmed deep in our DNA to act and react and the predators who are our politicians (and many others) have figured out how to manipulate information and feelings in order that the people follow blindly their recipe to fix things.

Throughout history the first thing dictators do is shut down the press, and in this day and age the politicians have largely corrupted the main stream media so that they will never report the truth if it would hurt the Democratic party. Look at the incestuous relationship between the main stream media and the current administration. Hell, look at all the reporters either sleeping with or married to someone who has power over us mere sheeple. Here is one link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/media-administration-deal-with-conflicts/2013/06/12/e6f98314-ca2e-11e2-8da7-d274bc611a47_story.html

Political things on Facebook and conflicts

When you have these types of conflicts how can you expect the main stream media to give you the truth? How can you expect a media who overwhelmingly give money to one political party to be unbiased in their reporting or even care that they do? It is the same now as it has been throughout history and this country is going down a dangerous path. Read how Hitler got into power. He created crisises that only he and he alone could fix if just given enough power. He used an economy that went into the toilet to get elected vowing his version of hope and change. He killed Jews and gays and Gypsies and any other undesirables because good people stood by and did not speak up for fear of being chastised.

Other dictators have done the same thing. They use actors and authors and popular culture to sway people that they alone can fix things. When they take over the country they end up killing these people first, then the college professors, and then anyone who dare speaks out against them or the tyranny. Read and understand history or we are doomed.

So what am I doing? I am posting stories that most people do not see on Facebook hoping that some will read them to see things from other perspectives. The active and loud voices of dissent are the only things that keep people from tyranny. I am posting stories that do not come from the government, frankly because every single thing the government has told me for the last six years or more have been lies. It is sad that I cannot believe one thing the government says. So I am posting in hopes that one story or two or more will be passed on and shared in hopes that others will read something and not get their news from John Stewart.

I also have worked for the Republican Party the last two election cycles and have been a delegate. It is not because I love the Republicans, in fact I loathe the leadership more than I can put into words. I go and become a delegate in hopes of getting Tea Party people nominated and elected because I know that under this current political climate both the Republicans and Democrats are corrupt and rotten to the core.

I am working to get a states convention going so we can change the constitution so that we can get term limits and other amendments added to the constitution. I am giving money to people who want the flat tax and who want to abolish the IRS. I am attending Tea Party meetings. I read. I send out stories on Facebook even though people hate political things because when the greatest country in the world collapses, and we will, people will wonder what they could have did and I want to be one of the minority that is shouting from the roof tops.

On a personal level we have a small supply of food storage items. We have cash on hand in case of disaster. If ebola hits and explodes like I believe it will, then I hope others are doing this too. I also give money and clothes to charity, I deliver meals on wheels and this year I am going out to ring a bell for the Salvation Army. I am the guy who buys Christmas wreaths from cub scouts and if a neighbor calls and needs a hand I will be there to help out. I am part of an exchange where people donate their talents for the use of other people’s talents.

That is what I do.

George Zimmerman and the farce that is his trial

George Zimmerman the straw man.

There are so many things to say about the George Zimmerman case and it is all because of race, I suppose.  Lately, everything in this country comes down to race.  Obama was supposed to bring the races together but instead he has driven a wedge between relations that may not be able to be repaired.  I have never seen things this bad my entire life, and now the government is presenting a case where they basically want to convict the guy regardless of evidence.  It makes me sad that George Zimmerman is being made a scapegoat in all of this, and the things that I read leave me scratching my head.

First let’s start at the beginning.  George Zimmerman was on a neighborhood watch in Florida.  While on patrol he met up with Trayvon Martin, who did not live in the neighborhood but who was visiting relatives.  There was a confrontation then and Zimmerman ended up shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, who was 17 years old at the time.  Let me start by saying I am sorry he was killed and that in and of itself is a very tragic story.  Now let me delve into the reaction of the media, first and foremost.

The Media was quick to label George Zimmerman a white racist.  It turns out that Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic, but that is neither here nor there, it just is what it is.  The Main Stream Media, however, was quick to portray this as a white man hating the black man, and killing him.  Never mind the pesky little facts here, keep moving along.

Next the Main Stream Media, mainly NBC, altered the 911 tapes to make it appear that Mr. Zimmerman’s acts were racist.  I am not sure what they had to gain from this except I do know that they lost any and all credibility when they broadcast this information.  There is an excellent article about the extent to which the media stooped to make this a racial crime on Breitbart.  Here is the link.

The Main Stream Media continued their assault by always posting pictures of Trayvon as a 12 year old boy, all sweet and innocent.  When photos were released from his camera phone they showed him much older, meaner looking, holding a gun, smoking weed, video taping fighting.  He was not the pure innocent victim that the media portrayed him to be.  Of course the courts would not let any of this be shown to the jurors, because God help us all if they have an accurate picture of this young man.

Next, President Obama put in his two cents and said if he had a son he would be like Trayvon.  Really.  Your son would be brandishing hand guns, smoking geef (OK…yes his son most likely would be smoking weed if he was anything like dear old dad), video recording fights and acting like a thug?  I don’t see that since his daughters are 100% different from that.  It didn’t matter, though, because the point was to demonize George Zimmerman as a raging racist.

George Zimmerman on trial.

Now George Zimmerman is on trial.  They waited over a month to charge him and then the district attorney, bowing to public pressure, decided to charge him for the killing of Trayvon.  The trial has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and so far I do not see a case.  I see a lot of poor witnesses for the prosecution.  I see a judge that made a ruling that should send him into retirement.  What I do not see is a fair trial.

The first “witness” was Rachel Jeantel and I do not have a lot of things to say about her because she comes off as a tragic figure.  She cannot read cursive handwriting, because there was a very awkward moment in court where she could not read a letter she write with a friend to Trayvon’s parents because it was in cursive.  She lied about being in the hospital at the time of Trayvon’s funeral, and her witness testimony was what she heard on the phone while talking to Trayvon at the time he was killed.

During the first week of her testimony for the prosecution against George Zimmerman, she was hostile and angry and came across as an uneducated young woman.  Her twitter account was scrubbed clean of about 47 posts where she talked about drinking, driving and getting high.  She spewed the words “bitch” and “n____r” a few times like the words meant nothing.  The second week we saw a completely different girl in temperament and it lead the defense attorney to ask if someone coached her about changing her attitude.  Between the lies, the functional cursive illiteracy, the confrontational attitude, and her general overall impression, the prosecution’s top witness could have been a witness for the defense.

George Zimmerman and the judge.

Today I heard that the judge in this case told the jury to strike testimony that was heard the day before by one of the officers that interviewed George Zimmerman.  This officer had the audacity to say that they found Zimmerman’s testimony to be truthful.  God forbid the jury should have an honest answer given to them if the honest answer goes against the script of how this trial was written.  The judge should retire based on this decision alone.

CNN stepped up to the plate again and showed images of all the personal information on George Zimmerman, including his Social Security number.  I hope Zimmerman sues them as well and walks away with multiple millions of dollars.

A lot of people on Twitter are now posting about all the violence that will occur if Zimmerman is found innocent.  This kind of reaction and coercion is simply mob mentality and it has to end in this country.  We are a country of laws, not men (even though Obama does not think that this is the case).  If we let the mob mentality rule we are not better than a third-world shithole.

Finally, this case should never have been brought to trial in the first place.  George Zimmerman did not fit ANY of the requirements needed to file second degree murder charges.  There is ample evidence that Zimmerman was telling the truth, that Trayvon was the aggressor, that he was beating the living hell out of Zimmerman, that Zimmerman feared for his life.  This was not a 12 year old boy, this was a 17 year old young man full of muscle and testosterone, fueled by some inner rage, taking it out of George Zimmerman AFTER Zimmerman quit following him and went back to his truck.

For some reason, all race related, the people on high decided that Zimmerman was the perfect white man, even though he is Hispanic, to try for this murder.  He is the evil white racist.  He is the bad guy.  Even though all the evidence points against it and even though charges should never have been brought in the first place.  It is truly and disgusting time to be a law abiding citizen in this country now days.



9/11 is tomorrow and like everyone I remember where I was at

the day it happened.  I was at work and we heard the news on the Internet at first and then as word spread we turned on a TV we had there in the lobby.  At the time there were about 80 employees and we all gathered around the screen with our eyes not believing what our hearts told us was true.  This could not be happening to the United States.  We were supposed to be far enough away from the turmoil in the world that it would not affect us in the least.  But it did.

I remember the President of the company telling us all to get back to work.  You could tell his heart wasn’t really in it but we did as told being the corporate little minions we were that day.  The day was surreal and there was not much work done because we all had Internet access and that was instant.  We got through the day somehow and came home and the schools had called and left voice mails letting us know that we should talk to our kids.  What do you say to a 7-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl?  How do you explain the horrors of 9/11 to a child?  We shielded them a bit and told them that bad people did this but that they would be OK.  We parented.

Over the years since 9/11 we have had to deal with a government

that is using the tragic events of 9/11 to circumvent out freedoms and our rights.  What kind of person feels they need to control every aspect of another human beings life?  Our leaders are seriously fucked up.   At the same time these same officials try to shove their politically correct shit down our throats and want us to believe in things that every fiber of our being screams are wrong.  We get the 9/11 memorials where they will not allow prayer.  Trust me, they will allow all the politicians on stage without any problems but god forbid we should pray.  They are not allowing the first responders back onto the site for the memorial.  If any human being should have the right to be in NY at the site of the 9/11 crash it should be the first responders.  Yet you do not hear a damn thing in the main stream media.

In 2004 there was a very odd incident on a flight that involved about 14 muslim men.  That story is told by someone who was on the flight here.  When you read it you will get chills down your spine.  Yet at the time we were told by our officials that this incident was nothing at all odd, it was not terror related and these were just fine fellows out for a little jaunt.  All in the name of political correctness.

9/11 aftermath continues in other tenuous ways.

We are now at the point where we get anally probed and are subjected to full body scans in airports because the government is here to protect us.  They do not pull over the young muslim looking men who are newly clean-shaven and are acting nervous, because that would be racist.  No.  They pull over the 95-year-old cancer patient in a wheel chair and make her take off her depends to get through security.  I know from my own personal history that 95-year-old women cancer patients have that old-man strength and that to pull these people out of line is top-notch security.  I know I feel safer.

Then while this is going on Amed boards the plane wearing a bulky vest, he is sweating profusely and they let him traipse through unmolested.  We do not want to pull him over because that would be racist.  We do not want prayers at the 9/11 site because that might offend our muslim brothers and we do not want to be racist.  We will not allow the first responders at the event because that would invoke images of muslims blowing up buildings with planes and that would be racist.  The term racist is now so overused that when true racism does exist in this country it is discounted by everyone because according to our political masters every white person in America is racist.

What have we become?  Why do we let these shitty politicians dictate to us how to run our lives?  They cannot even run their own lives correctly yet there they are expousing their politically correct and humanly incorrect shit sandwich down our throats.  All because of terrorists and muslims?  I promise you that these extremists will not be able to hijack a plane and fly it into a building again because people on the plane will not let it happen.  They will respond because they know our government will not.  They will act because of 9/11, not because Janet Napolitano tells us how the wind blows.  They will act on instinct and not political correctness.

So remember 9/11 and be vigilant.  Let’s not make it a day of service like the socialist Obama wants to do, but let’s remember what these scumbags did to us in the name of their religion on 9/11.