Abolish the IRS

It is time to abolish the IRS

It have been thinking about our government a lot lately and I think about all the corruption and graft that is occurring by both parties and I think almost all the corruption would simply disappear if we did one thing: abolish the IRS.  I am not saying that we should get rid of taxes and am not advocating overthrowing the government, but if we got rid of this agency and did something about term limits, I think a majority of the corruption would go away.

The dreaded IRS

The dreaded IRS

Why abolish the IRS?

Think of how politics works in this country.  Congress creates a tax code that is almost 74,000 pages long and no one on earth understands all the complexities contained within this code.  No one.  Not the people who wrote it, not the agency that is charged with enforcing it, not us poor serfs who have to adhere to it year after year.

Buried within this code are thousands upon thousands of loopholes that corporations use, and rich people use, to get out of paying taxes.  They get these loopholes inserted when they give money to members of congress to get these pigs elected.  The more loopholes that these swine invent, the more corruption and the more money they receive.  The process is cyclical and it keeps feeding on itself.  The only way to take this corruption and crony capitalism out of Washington is to cut off the head of the snake, and yes, I know I am mixing my metaphors.  That is why we should abolish the IRS.

If we abolish the IRS what would take its place?

A flat tax, 15% no loopholes and no write-offs.  I would make it so that even the poorest people in this country would have skin in the game and would have to pay something, even if it only $100.  Businesses would pay the same amount as a percentage and this would get our country in line with other countries like Canada, Russia and other modern countries.  These companies would in turn bring back money to the US, build more plants, hire more people and these people would pay more taxes.

Corporations really do not pay taxes anyway.  What they do is they past on the cost of whatever taxes are owed to the cost of their service or product.  The $500 iPhone has taxes that Apple has to pay tot he government.  Their profit is the difference between the cost of labor, materials and overhead, plus taxes and what you pay for the phone.  If we dropped the corporate income tax to 15% then the price of goods and services on almost every product would surely drop.  If we abolish the IRS and replace it with a unit that simply collects the 15%, ensures that all companies do pay their 15% and keep track of these filings over the year we could cut this government down to a manageable size.

After we abolish the IRS we would then replace the complex tax forms with a postcard.  We would get rid of having to buy software or hire someone to do our taxes, we would cut out an ungodly amount of man hours wasted on filling out these tax forms, and the power of the IRS could not be used to go after political foes or anyone else who disagrees with the government.

So how about it?  Let’s streamline this bad boy and simply abolish the IRS.  The money would dry up in Washington and favors could not be curried by bribes and donations.  Life would be very good!

The Global Warming Hoax

The hoax that is global warming

It is warm outside.  Global warming.  It is freezing outside.  Global warming.  Hurricanes were predicted to be at an all-time high the past couple of years because of global warming.  Hurricanes were historically low the past few years and this was caused by global warming.  Torrential rains are caused by global warming.  Extremely dry conditions are caused by global warming.

What does the preceding paragraph say?  Every single prediction made about what would happen to the weather because of global warming have been wrong.  The main university studying the phenomenon were caught lying and fudging the data in order to prove their point.  They rely on government grants and tax money to fund their research and governments demand more tax money so that they can save us from global warming the the cycle feeds upon itself.

Global warming is nothing more than a tax grab

What other science claims that a theory is proved no matter what the outcome?  I cannot think of a single one.   Science theory is usually based on the assumption that one action will cause a specific reaction.  Smoking does not both cure lung cancer and cause it.  There is cause and effect.  This is not the case with global warming because no matter what the weather the “scientists” will claim that the cause for that weather was global warming.

Except now it is not called global warming because even the dumbest among us realized that 25 below zero is not indicative of a planet heating up beyond control.  It is now called “climate change” because word matter and the words climate change can mean anything in regards to the weather.

Climate change is nothing more that the biggest lie ever perpetuated upon the world in order that our political leaders and government can take more of our money in taxes in order that they may save the planet from destruction.  This brings to mind a couple of questions, the first being that if the government cannot do even the simplest things correctly like build a simple web site, can they indeed save the planet?  Isn’t it the pinnacle of hubris to suggest that human beings can save anything as massive and impressive as a planet?  The planet does not give a rats ass if we are on it or not and if every single human being died tomorrow it would not know it or care about it.

Climate change is nothing but a bad religion.  You are supposed to believe in light of every single scientific reading and facts contradict your theory.  You are supposed to take a leap of faith;  who are you going to believe, the scientists that scream this is happening or your own lying eyes?

The problem is that because of this scientific scam people are dying and economies are being choked off.  Google to find out how many people are dying each year in Great Britain because they cannot afford the astronomical costs of heat there and contrary to what the prognosticators told us, it is still cold in the winter and people tend to die in the cold.  I would be willing to venture a guess that more people die from the cold that from the heat, but what does it matter if we are saving planet earth?

This administration is attacking coal power plants and anything that is built to create energy that does not have a windmill turbine attached to it.  This means that our energy prices are going to skyrocket and people will die because of this insanity.  It means that states will have regular and reoccurring power outages and black outs.  Creating new and reliable energy sources have allowed the average person in this country to lead a more comfortable life that the richest kings lived only 200 years ago.  We eat cheaper and better (if we want to), we have indoor heat and air conditioning, we have indoor plumbing and hot showers and toilets, and most people do not have to work and toil and struggle to get these fantastic things into our houses.

Quit falling for the fallacy that is global warming or climate change.  We cannot change the weather to any significance and we certainly cannot fix it if it is broken, especially with the Chinese pumping out more pollution than we can even dream.  We can build all the windmills we want but our economy will suffer like Spain’s and Germany.  The Germans have at least acknowledged the errors of their ways and are backing off the clean energy surge.  There is not enough sun in the winter in the northern US to power a lamp, let alone an entire house.  You cannot store any extra energy created by a windmill, plus you kill off hundreds of bird when you build one.  The only clean energy that is truly at our fingertips is nuclear but the environmental nut jobs have got in the way of building newer and safer plants in over 40 years.

The Great Carbon Emissions Scam

The EPA and Carbon Emissions

This past Friday the administration released the news that the EPA would be imposing very expensive mandates that will force coal fired power plants to capture the carbon emissions emitted and bury them back in the ground.  This technology is not perfected yet, who the hell really knows if it works, and the result of this action is that your electricity prices are going to skyrocket.  It is funny how important news that will drastically affect your life is always released late Friday afternoons, isn’t it?

The great thing about the US trying to curb carbon emissions is that we think we can control the weather.  We think we can control the forces of the earth.  We pretend that what were are doing will have any affect on carbon in the atmosphere, at least that is what our leaders want us to believe.  I think, though, that the thinking by our leaders is far more nefarious in that they want to collect the taxes, control our lives even more, and get more and more people dependent on government to help pay their electric bills that will skyrocket.  It is the action of deeply physiologically scarred individuals that want to foist this crap upon us and it is time that we as Americans fight back.

Carbon Emissions throughout the world

The same day the news leaked that the EPA would be punishing the American public, it came out the Germany and Australia are backing away from carbon emissions taxes and their efforts to cut carbon in the atmosphere.  See the article here.  The reasons are self-evident.  The taxes do not decrease carbon in the air and energy prices have soared under this scam.  The policies inflicted on their people made it so that Germany and Australia suddenly cannot compete business-wise with these feel-good taxes.  Unemployment in Germany shot up 10% after these taxes were implemented.  That means in that we here in the U.S. will suffer the same fate when these rules are enforced.

In Germany the green energy initiative has resulted in over 300,000 homes having their electricity cut off because they cannot afford it anymore.  Think about that.  People in Germany cannot pay for their electricity because their leaders, the brightest of the bright, decided that everything they produce in the way of electricity should be “green.”  Never has a greater scam been perpetuated on the world than “global warming” and more importantly, all the money our leaders are going to take from us in an effort to combat it.  And they KNOW they are lying to us.  And they KNOW that global warming is a hoax.  And they know that anything we do will have no affect on the earth.  Yet we keep tilting at windmills.

Why should be surprised?  This president, Our Dear Leader, told us up front that our energy prices would necessarily skyrocket if these carbon emissions schemes were put in place.  He told us that companies would go broke if they built coal energy plants.  We know is is a communist and he wants to destroy this country and the wealth in this country.  Except when it comes to him.  He will get rich as hell off of any scam perpetuated upon us.

Carbon Emissions problems

You know what the biggest problem is with any carbon emissions scam?  We do not exist in a bubble.  The world is round.  China is on the other side of the world and they probably have 50 cities of significant size and each one is more polluted than the other, and we want to pretend like this will only affect them.  I had a friend who just spent a couple of months in China and she said that the capital was the most polluted place she had ever seen.  You could see the soot hang heavy in the air.  Everyone wore masks, and there were all kinds of alerts and warnings being screamed out to the masses.  For any carbon emission scam in the world to work, we would at least have to get every single country in the world to have the same standards, and honestly, that would most likely have no affect either.  Alas.

What to do?  Let’s elect leaders who will eliminate the EPA.  I am tired of their 12,000 new regulations since Our Dear Leader took office.  We did not elect a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats who put in rules so they can justify their own jobs, to control our lives.  We do not need a government employee looking over our shoulder to control every aspect of our lives.  The President’s wife wants to control what food you put in your body.  Think about that for one minute.  How sad is that?

There is no such thing as global warming, the carbon emissions scams are coming at us at a brutal pace, and we are so overwhelmed with misinformation and there are so may major things coming at us on late Friday afternoons, that we have to put an end to these morons that we elect to run our country.  It is time to get rid of big government, it is time to get rid of the EPA, it is time to get rid of the money spent to investigate, i.e. guessing, what the weather will be like in the future.  It is time to take back our country from these pathological idiots.

Summer is finally here, thanks Climate Change!

The Climate Change Hoax

Climate change is the biggest hoax ever perpetuated upon the general public.  It is nothing more than a system designed by those in power to take money out of the general public’s pocket.  They want to tax us more with the stipulation that “they” can fix the weather.  In the past we called these people frauds, hucksters, or charlatans and they usually were ran out of town after they did not bring rain (or sun) to any weather challenged area.  I will go over their arguments as I see them and we can write them off, as they should be.

Climate change and Al Gore.

There is not much to say about Al Gore than hasn’t already been said.  He is the main mouthpiece for Climate Change legislation (and I am capitalizing ‘Climate Change‘ because is the same as any other religion).  He produced a film about Climate Change, he give speeches year round about Climate Change and he has gotten very, very rich off of Climate Change.  Follow the money.

Al Gore got extremely rich talking about Climate Change.  He is able to afford a 10,000 square foot mansion that uses more energy in one month than most Americans use in a year.  He flies in big jet planes and when he speaks there is usually a line of SUV limos waiting to take him and his entourage anywhere they want to go.  He says it is OK, though, because he pays carbon offsets.

He set up carbon exchanges and makes money off of people buying carbon offsets.  This is a scan where gullible people “buy” carbon offset credits to feel good about themselves if they have to fly and use oil or carbon product.  Al Gore gets a cut of this nice little pie.

Al Gore also created a TV network called Current TV.  He created it, built it, and then sold it for a 500 million dollars to Al Jazeera, a News Network bought and paid for by big oil.  To top it off he sold it before the new tax rates went into effect, all the while lecturing the rest of us that it is our duty to pay more taxes.

There is something wrong when a man lives his lifestyle and tells you and me we need to reduce our carbon foot print.

Climate Change and Science

What is the weather supposed to be?  Is every day of every year supposed to be the same as the same day the previous year?  Have you ever paid attention to the weather person on TV?  They cannot predict the weather with any accuracy more than 24 hours into the future, yet we are supposed to believe that we can predict what the weather will be like 10, 50 or 100 years in the future?  That is not science, it is prognostication.

When I was growing up we were told that an ice age was coming.  There was a famous cover of Newsweek proclaiming this.  Thirty years pass and we are told there is “global warming” coming and we are all going to overheat.  When people looked around and saw longer and colder winters, more snow, cooler temperatures, they did not buy it so the wording was changed to Climate Change.  This is the banner for which the left fights now.

Do you know in the 1500’s the climate changed and got warmer as to where they could grow grapes in England?  There were no factories, there were no cars, there was no human carbon footprint.  It was mother nature and the natural cycles that did this, it was activity of the sun, it was out of human control, much as it is today.  Throughout history there has been warming and cooling, and it is natural.

In Galileo’s time he was persecuted because he had the audacity to proclaim that the earth revolved around the sun.  He made this announcement after making observations.  The Catholic Church did not like this, because according to thinking at the time the earth was the center of the universe.  Science was overridden.

Now we have climate scientists who have seen that we are in a cooling period since 1998.  This does not fit into their computer models and they are stumped.  Instead of making observations and extrapolating outcomes, they take outcomes and try to make the science fit their theories.  Much like Galileo was told to do.    There have been emails uncovered with these scientists that PROVE that they lied about global warming and they changed their data to reflect this.  Yet the gullible still believe.

Scientists get grants from the government to do work.  If the government likes the answers they are getting (meaning the government can tax us more and take away more of our liberties) then they get more money.  So the scientist write computer programs that will demonstrate global warming and Climate Change.  They are merely guesses, and nothing more.  Nothing more.  Garbage in and garbage out.

The process feeds on itself and the more money they get the more they scream global warming and the more we lose our liberties.  It is time for the nonsense to end.


President Obama's budget

President Obama’s budget

President Obama came out with his latest budget yesterday. As usual it was filled with phantom cuts, tax increases and Wizard-of-Oz-like magic. The mainstream media did not do anything to refute his budget promises. It amazes me how they continue to kowtow to this president and the Democratic Party. While the mainstream media is pretty ineffectual now, in the future it will simply vanish by the wayside as people look to the Internet and other sources for their news stories. They are literally writing themselves out of their jobs it makes me sad.

President Obama has been the worst president the United States has ever seen. He was elected simply because he is black.  He had no experience in the real world, no experience running a real business and no experience in politics so to speak. He had a Harvard education but his records are locked so no one can really look up how he got to Harvard, or what he did to deserve that degree. He has had everything in his life handed to him on a silver platter simply because of the color of his skin. He admits when he was young he did drugs, was a poor student, and did not think anything of the future. Yet somehow he managed to get into Harvard, have his school paid for, and ended up with a high paying professorship at the same school. No one is really sure if he actually wrote the books he claims have written and one of his friends actually claimed that he was the author of Obama‘s books. He has very little history in the way of passing laws, writing bills or anything else that pertains to the normal job of a Senator, let alone President.

When Obama ran for president no one looked into his background, no one looked at the church he attended, and no one looked at the people he hung around with. Because President Obama was black, he had a free pass when it came to the media sussing him for this position. If opponents brought up anything about his past, President Obama claimed racism. If they tried to write about his history and his wife’s employment, the media screamed out racism. No one who opposed president Obama could say anything negative about him without being called a racist and now look at the pickle that we are in.

President Obama and spending.

Like every other Democrat in the history of the United States, President Obama cannot say no to spending. I know he does not control the spending bills because they are generated in Congress, but President Obama puts his stamp on what he wants and how much he wants to spend. The Democrats have been spending us into oblivion. When President Bush was in charge then Senator Obama said that the debt was a crime against our children. At that time President Bush’s debt was only $4 trillion. President Obama has increases number to $9 trillion.

President Obama has also talked about raising taxes. He is the new most divisive president in the history of the United States. He always attacks rich people, people who have more money, people who work harder, and the people who actually produce for the society. He lets go the fact that 48% of the population that paid no federal income tax. He does not mind that more people are on food stamps than ever before in the history of the United States. He is trying to drive up the price of gas to at least four dollars a gallon, if not more, without the simple comprehension of a child that raising gas prices will indeed raise the price of every single item in this country. And like any other Democrat he loves choo choo trains. He wants to build high-speed rails here, high-speed rails there, high-speed rails everywhere. Yet every time I see the high-speed train run in this county, in this area of town, I know the transit and government is spending hundreds, of dollars if not thousands, on every trip; it is like flushing money down the toilet.

The people in charge of our government today sure like to spend money and our debt grows every single day. Every single day we add more money to the amount of debt we owe the Chinese. Every single day we spend more money than we take in. When president Obama took office the price of the American debt for every man woman and child in the United States was somewhere near $15,000. Since he has been in office, this number has increased to about $45,000 per man woman and child. It is a crime what he is doing to this country. President Obama should be tried for treason, and if found guilty punished per the dictates of the law.

President Obama and everything else.

President Obama also decided that he was above the law. His appointed countless czars to countless positions to control the population of the United States. He has forced healthcare down our throats. He is forcing the Catholic Church to provide contraception to women, even though it goes against all of their teachings. He has empowered the EPA to and add several thousand pages of new rules designed to keep businesses from growing. He has denied the building of the Keystone pipeline, which could have created thousands of jobs and got cheap Canadian oil into the United States. Every single act this president has done has been treasonous.

President Obama has decided that our borders are not worth defending. He lets in, and has let in, millions of undocumented workers. By undocumented I of course mean illegal. He seems to think every other country in this world has the right to their sovereignty the right to their National Heritage, and the right to be an independent nation. Yet somehow he does not think that the United States gets to observe the same rights.

President Obama had also committed an ungodly amount of gaffes in his short tenure in office. For instance, he has bowed before several leaders of other nations on this Earth. Never before in the history of our country has a President bowed before other leaders. Yet President Obama is seen bowing before every Muslim leader that he runs across, and other leaders as well. He has given the Queen of England an iPod loaded with his speeches on them. How ego-maniacal is that? He had given the Prime Minister of England DVDs from America, not realizing that the English use a different standard in their DVDs. He is like a man-child. He thinks just because he says something, that it is true.

President Obama has got to go. He’s bad for this nation, bad for this country, and bad for every person he claims to support and want to succeed. Nothing will be accomplished by taking away millions and millions of dollars from the rich to give to the poor in this country. That solution will only fix things one time. After that the rich people move away and never return and the poor people will continue to sucking the teat of government until it collapses on itself. If this happens, and I am positive it will, President Obama needs to be tried as a criminal. He needs to be tried for treason. Every step, every action, every loss, every czar, every single thing this president has done is, has been done with the goal of ruining this country. Since that seems to be his goal, then it must be said that I was wrong. President Obama, using the standards I just mentioned, is the most effective president we have ever had. And because of that he is going to bring down the greatest country in the history of the world under his leadership.

I hope President Obama is remembered as the lousiest president in the history of the United States, and is a genuinely bad person.

Slavery and the United States Today

Slavery is alive and well in the United States.

In Wikipedia the definition of slavery is found in the first line of the entry.  It says, “Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property and are forced to work.”  The other online dictionaries have basically the same definition as Wikipedia does.  When people think of slavery today we usually think about the early years of this country when mostly blacks were held as slaves to work for their masters on plantations.  In the United States we tend to only think of our own history and not that of the rest of the world, and thus very few of us know that slavery has been with man throughout our history, it involves all races enslaving other tribes of the same race or other races, and it still continues on to this day in some parts of Africa.

I want to expand this definition and proclaim today that almost everyone who lives in this country are now enslaved to the federal government.  Now I know the federal government does not stand over us with a whip and chains, but what would happen if you refused to give up part of the proceeds of you work to them?  They would march you into court and they would try you and they would throw you in Prison.

Prison  seems to be a fantastic analogy of what America is today.  Think about this for one moment.  The government sends people to prison where they control every single aspect of the prisoner’s life.  They control when the people eat and sleep, when the people shower, when they exercise, when they get to see people from the outside, how much free time they get during the day, and how long the people will be behind bars.  The prison system represents the ultimate amount of control that the government can hold over any one person.

Let me ask you one very simple and basic question.  When the government controls every single aspect of the lives of people in prison, how come prisons are not safe?  Ultimately the government claims that every thing they do is to make the people in this country safe.  They try to clean the air, clean the water, tell you what bulb to use, tell you how much water your toilet can flush, it imposes food policies down our throats, it tells us what we can smoke, who can smoke, where we can smoke, and it takes a cut from people who do smoke.  The goal of all of this is to make people safer.  Yet when they have the ultimate form of control, in a prison, there is no safety for the prisoners there.  I would use this to extrapolate that everything the government is doing now is not making anyone in this country safer.

How does this fit in with the slavery thing?

There are two basic types of people in this country.  There are those that work and pay taxes and those who live off of the government tit.  I will address both of these as it pertains to slavery.

The workers get up and go to work every day.  In return for their work and skills they get a wage.  In a pure economic system everyone would barter their services or products but humans have evolved and we now get paid with paper money.  The first thing to be taken out of this money that hard-working people earn are the various taxes.  These taxes include social security, FICA, state taxes and federal taxes.  I would argue that these taxes enslave us to the government.  The government needs money to promote the safety of its citizens.  Yet I would argue that the government only wants money to grow government.  They do not care about the average worker until it comes time to take the taxes out of the paycheck.

And the taxes and slavery does not end there.  Once you get your check you will have to make your house payment.  If you own a house you pay property taxes.  Most of us pay a monthly mortgage and we pay a portion of the taxes every month.  Next, you pay taxes on everything you buy for consumption except on food and clothing in my state.  So besides the average federal income tax rate of 18% that most people pay, most people pay a 10% state tax on average as well.  We pay a percentage of our money left over for our property taxes, and then we pay 7% on everything else we buy.  If you are getting to the store via your car you pay taxes on the gasoline and you pay taxes in the form of license fees.  The bottom line is that by the end of the year the average worker pays 57.7% of their income to taxes.  That statistic can be found here.

Think about that for one moment.  Almost 60% of your time is spent toiling for the government or the master.  We are involved in slavery every single day of our lives.  I would argue that this rate is incorrect.  Here is my reasoning.

Do corporations pay taxes? The obvious answer is that unless you are G.E. that they do pay taxes. In fact, the corporate tax rate in this country is 35%, which is the highest of any industrialized country in the world. The companies that pay the most taxes are the ones that have physical locations in every state, like Target or Wal-Mart because they cannot ship their operations overseas. Thus, every corporation in America pays 35% in taxes.

So let’s take a hypothetical situation where a person goes into Target to buy an Apple iPad for $600. Does Apple pay taxes on the iPod? No. It passes the taxes it pays onto the consumer. Let’s say Apple makes $200 profit on each iPad (I am assuming they sell the iPad to retailers for about $400. Thus, the taxes on $200 is $70, which the end-user pays. Now you walk into Target or Best Buy or Wal-Mart and they have to make a profit on each one so they sell it for $600. This means they make $200 on an iPad but they pass the $70 on to the consumer. For the entire purchase the end-user pays about $140 in taxes on this product BEFORE they pay the sales tax on that item. That is on a $600 purchase. Let’s round it up to $1,000 purchase and the taxes would be closer to $250. That is 25% on every single purchase you make. So out of the little pile of money the government allows you to keep, you go out and purchase things and the government takes a hidden cut of about $250 per $1,000. I would argue the effective tax rate on a single person in the U.S. is closer to 70%. If that is not slavery, I don’t know what is.

Slavery and the “poor.”

The poor in the country are on the other end of the spectrum. I firmly believe that most people who are poor in this country are poor because of poor life choices they made. Most of them do not graduate high school, most of them pop out kids because they know the rest of us will pay for them, most of them have given up.

This is a form of slavery in and of itself. If you have a person who is on welfare because of generational poverty, the Democrats in this country want you to be beholden to the government so they can continue to be the pigs they are and stay elected. How do you think most of these people feel every month while they wait for their government check? They probably feel a lot like the slaves did back in the day in this way: they are thankful to their masters for the meager amount of money they get.

Slavery and being poor in this country is absolutely a product of this current government.  Yes, there were poor people before the government got so damn big.  The government steps up with the “Great Society” and claims it is going to eliminate poverty.  Has that happened?  Far from it.  We are now paying so much of our wages in taxes that a majority of people in this country are now on food stamps.  This is another hidden tax.  Why?  Because the government doesn’t simply take money from me and give it to you, it takes a cut out of every dollar to pay the salaries of the same people who impose the taxes on those who work.  Thus, now the government has set up the perfect system of slavery.

Yes, we do not get whipped but if we do not pay taxes we will go to jail.  If we go to jail then we are put in real and physical danger.  Basically there is a gun to our heads.  That it a nutshell is the very definition of slavery.