Glenn Beck has become unhinged

Glenn Beck has become unhinged, and not in a good way

I have been a fan of Glenn Beck for years and years now.  I started watching him when he was on CNN and continued to listen and sometimes watch him now that he owns his own T.V. empire, The Blaze.  His radio show is sometimes brilliant, his predictions are uncanny, and sometimes the worst drivel on radio (i.e. More on {moron} Trivia…get it?).  I listened, and continue to listen, to Glenn Beck but something he said a couple of weeks ago leaves me thinking he is unhinged.

Last week Glenn Beck went off on the Nevada Rancher and the patriots that showed up to support him.  His name is Bundy and he has refused to pay grazing fees to the U.S. Government because he does not think they have the power or authority to collect this money.  The Bureau of Land Management, which seems to have it’s own standing army, showed up in full military regalia and took Bundy’s cattle and that is when the patriots showed up with their guns.  The standoff took a couple of days but in the end the government backed down, threatening to come back and enforce their arcane laws.  Meanwhile, Dingy Harry Reid has his son all tangled up in the government land grab in Nevada.

Glenn Beck basically told his listeners that he did not want them, did not need them, told them that they did not deserve to listen to him, if they were willing to use violence to enforce the constitution.  His logic seemed to be that there are laws and we should follow them, no matter how punitive and disingenuous the laws may be.  Glenn Beck cited Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Gandhi.  We are supposed to show up with flowers and love while every organization in the government is buying millions of rounds of ammo.  How much do you want to bet that all this ammo is being diverted to Homeland Security?  But I digress.

Glenn Beck tells us off

So Glenn Beck went off on his rampage.  He does not want us or need us or even want to be associated with those who think that the patriots that showed up with guns were right.  The Achilles heel of Glenn Beck is his unquenchable ego.  No one around him has the balls or temerity to tell him to dial it back, that he is not God, he is not the only human being on earth to speak to God, and he does not have all the answers.  Unfortunately, the butt-kissing sycophants that he surrounds himself with (why do I picture all of them telling him how great he is and feeding him grapes?).

A couple weeks before that there was a theory that one of the passengers on the missing Malaysian flight sent out a text on a iPhone that he had hidden in his rectum.  The web site that had this text said the flight was hijacked and taken to an abandoned airfield.  The argument holds some merit because it would explain why the pilots manually turned off the navigation and tracking systems, while a plunge into the ocean does not have the same clean logic.  Glenn Beck went on the radio the next day and ranted and raved how stupid we are for believing any of that (who the hell could fit a phone up their butt anyway?) and made fun of us in the same way he mocks the morons during his football picks segment.

The day before Glenn Beck told us how angels had come and spoke with his dad the day his dad passed away.  So if I have this straight we are supposed to believe that invisible fairies came and talked to his dad and showed Glenn Beck that God is alive and is speaking only to him, while we are not allowed to bring forth evidence on the location of a missing plane?  A plane that has been missing for over a month with no shot of ever finding it?  So his invisibly fairy theory is supposed to hold weight because Glenn knows there is a God and this God only speaks to Glenn, and the rest of us are idiots?

I am done with Glenn BEck

The latest rantings and ravings have me questioning Glenn Beck.  While I admire his uncanny ability to put a lot of little information to come up with the big picture, and I admire his finding out who is behind most of the claptrap put out by the Liberals, I am finding it harder and harder to listen to a guy who thinks he is Jesus Christ himself.  You see, when you listen to Glenn Beck you come away hearing how his way is always the best, how he and he alone hears God, that his dad out of all the dads on earth was the one to see the magic fairies, that his knowledge is beyond us mere mortal men, etc…while Beck goes on and on about that I will walk away from paying for any of the services he provides.  I will take his advice and not pay for The Blaze TV anymore (I used to subscribe and was going to start again because I think an independent voice is needed) and I will not buy any of the products he sponsors.

I will give all this up until I hear Glenn Beck admit he was wrong, which he rarely does, and tell the patriots that now is indeed the time to fight our tyrannical government.  It is time to draw a line in the sand.  It is time to quit taking it and taking it and taking it, and accepting our lot in life.  It is time to elect the Tea Party and dismantle the EPA and the Department of Education.  It is time to abolish the IRS and institute a flat tax.  It is time to cut the size of our government to nothing.  It is time to stop spending money like we can print it and get rid of baseline budgeting.  It is time.

Take me away from Glenn Beck

I am done with Glenn Beck

Harry Reid

Harry Reid and his delusions

The point of this blog is in response to an article I saw online about Harry Reid.  You can see the article here:  Take time to read it and it will open your eyes to the way politicians see us, the American People.  Harry Reid is a Senator from Nevada who has been the Senate Majority leader for the past few years.  He is so utterly out of touch and has his head buried so far in the sand maybe the good people of Nevada could get a recall election on this idiot.

It was Reid and Pelosi who got us in this mess

yet they always blame everything on the previous President.  Now I know American people are woefully misinformed about our political process but let me spell it out for you.  The President does NOT control the spending.  He can suggest things, he can wish for things, and when his party is in charge of both houses he can basically get whatever he wants passed, like Obama.  When Bush was President the Democrats controlled the House and Senate.  That is right.  They controlled the spending, specifically the House of Representatives, and they are the ones that spent like drunken sailors.

Why are we even having this debate now?  It is simple.  Reid and his cronies never passed a budget when they were supposed to last time.  If they did there would be no debate, there would be no threat of default, there would be none of this hand wringing.  They controlled both Houses at that point and could have passed any damn budget they wanted to.  And Reid and Pelosi could have passed it without reading it like they did the stimulus but they did not.  To suggest, to have the temerity to say that it is the Republicans fault proves what a lying ass Harry Reid really is, but that is no surprise.

Reid thinks the Tea Party is a fad

I guess I don’t blame the guy because in the experiences of Harry Reid every time the Democrats need demonstrators they have to pay the people to get traction.  They have to bus in union thugs to get turnout.  When they put together a protest against Glenn Beck’s 8-11 rally (which drew almost a half million people and none of them were paid a dime to show up) they had to bus in the unions and pay people to be there.  When they left the Washington Monument area was littered with trash and was a pig sty.  You see, Democrats always expect other people to pay for them, to take care of them and to pick up after them.  They are adult children.  When the half million people who attended Beck’s rally left they said the park was cleaner than when they got there.  Why? Because we are grown ups, we know how to take care of ourselves and we don’t expect others to wipe our asses for us.

Reid looks upon the people as tourists who smell, who are uneducated, who do not understand the complexities of politics.  Reid says that the Tea Party is a fad because he does not understand that unlike Democrats we actually believe what we say.  We will not change this election or the next.  We can’t be bought off.  We are as tired of the Republicans who spend and spend as well as the Democrats.  We will not go away because we are not shallow like Reid is in every one of his actions.

And now Reid says the stimulus did not spend enough?  This man needs to be tried for Treason because his actions are deliberately bankrupting this country.  They know the stimulus was a fraud.  Reid knows that no amount of money would ever be enough for these pigs.  Reid knows that it was the policies of the Democrats that causes the housing bubble, that caused the collapse, that recorded record deficits.  He knows.  And for this Reid and his cronies will get their asses handed to them in the next elections.  Fuck Reid and all of his minions.