We are at a crossraods with our government and most people are not aware of this.

We are at a crucial tipping point in regards to our government.

If you read anything but the main stream media you will already know this.  If you listen to people like Glenn Beck or Mark Levin, you will already know this.  If you simply get your news from NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN then you probably do not know about this because they do not report it.  In fact, the main stream media seems to be in cahoots with our government so that they run every single aspect of our lives.

There are  a lot of sheep out there who look to the government to fulfill their every want, desire and need and they have no idea how to fend for themselves.  They end up living lives they hate because they do not take charge of their lives.  They end up creating generations of welfare recipients who will never get off the government tit.  Then there are other people, most people, who go to work every day, work hard every day, and they do not pay attention to what these people who think they are our betters are trying to do to us. These people are worried about putting a roof over their kids heads and food in their mouths and tend not to get caught up in politics.  They know government is out there and they accept that it is needed but they do not pay attention to how they want into every single aspect of our lives.

Mark Levin has said it best about government.

I am paraphrasing here but he said that we elect people who think we are smart enough to elect them but who think we are not smart enough to buy our own light bulbs, buy our own toilets, buy our own shower heads.  Why do we give government the power to dictate what lightbulb we buy?  Did you know you will not be able to buy an incandescent lightbulb after the first of the year?  The government has determined that they waste too much energy and that we will have to replace them.  It turns out making these bulbs is a cheap process and companies did not like the profit margins on these old bulbs.  Therefore, they pushed the government to get us on flourescent bulbs, each one that contains mercury, a dangerous metal, and that you have to handle and dispose of with care.  Your other option is LED lights which run about $50 each now.  What a choice.

They also dictated a while ago that we could no longer buy toilets with enough capacity to flush a turd down the toilet in one flush.  Now every bathroom in america has a plunger (there used to be one per house) because the toilet clogs if you get more than 2 sheets of paper in the pipes.  If you happen to have to go to the bathroom and defecate God help you to get that thing out of your house and into the sewer system.  I hate and loathe having to flush twice when I go to the bathroom.

They did the same with shower heads years ago and now everything they sell is low flow, so we save water.  It sucks to try to get clean while dribbles of water cascade over you.  It now takes longer to shower because you have less water covering the same surface area.  Government decided that we were wasting water so they outlawed normal shower heads.

Government now wants you to buy health care insurance.

What is the difference between slavery and what they are trying to do to us?  Does the government actually think it can create a utopia if we just allowed them to control every aspect of our lives?  Have you seen the customer service, or lack thereof, at the DMV?  The rest of government is made up of the same types of people.  There is nothing nobel about working for the government.  In fact, it is mostly the opposite.  People flock to those jobs because they cannot be fired for incompetence once they are hired, the pay is higher than in the private sector, and they tend to have much more expensive and better perks when working for the government.  So most people who work there, I contend, are greedier than the average worker.

What is going to happen when government takes over health care?  I can tell you several things now.  The wait to see doctors will be longer than it is now.  There will be so many people overwhelming the system that the people in place now will never be able to keep up with demand.  The government will not dole out care equally.  The people who donate money to the slug politicians will get better care.  People who are not white will get better care.  People in groups like GLBT communities will get better care.  The older you get the less likely you are going to get surgery that will extend your life and make it any better.  Yes, most people will have health care but the quality of care will drop to that of third world status.  Costs will not go down like they promised, they will go up.  There will be so many regulation and red tape that it will take more government employees to process the paperwork.  Doctors will make less money and do more work.  We will lower the bar for getting into medical school because more blacks and minorities will need to become doctors.  Fraud will be through the roof.  Fraud in government health care that is out there now is through the roof because no one is held accountable.  Most people will pray for the days like they are today.

Since government is paying for your health care

(OK, not really but this is how they will position it) they will determine what you eat.  Read this article about Mayor Bloomberg that he says today!  He truly believes it is the government’s job to oversee the food we eat.  Maybe we can all get little coupon books and go to the store for our beets and water, just like in the old soviet union.  And it will not stop there.  Government will dictate how much you exercise, they will track your BMI, they will intervene and take kids away if they are deemed too fat (yet most of them have no control over their own lives), they will control every single item that goes into your body.

What can we do about it?  The very first thing is to get rid of President Obama.  He is a socialist fool.  The next is to get the Democrats out of office.  This holds true for the entrenched Republicans as well.  Government is too big.  We need to cut it back now.  We need to elect Tea Party people who are not invested in keeping this scam going.  We need people in elected offices to watch out for the little people and not for their own interests.  Do not listen to the lies spread by the government today and start getting your news and information from other sources.  Government will never be the answer to all your problems and more likely will be the cause of your problems.